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“Another Side of Us” project continues to make a positive case for Texas border communities

Texas Border Business

McAllen, TX – Today, Another Side of Us, in cooperation with the McAllen Chamber of Commerce, city residents, and community partners, released Our Home — a new video that pushes back against headlines that wrongly portray Texas border communities as unsafe, or worse, un-American. 

Our Home  is the second release from Another Side of Us, of an ongoing community project to share voices that haven’t been heard in the ongoing national conversation about borders. Our Home features residents challenging people to see another side to life on the Texas border; a positive one. McAllen is one of the largest cities in the Rio Grande Valley, a bi-national metropolitan area that is home to over 1.5 million people along the Texas-Mexico border.  

“It’s frustrating to watch your hometown singled out and demonized on a national stage,” said Adan Garcia, director of Our Home and President of PolluxCastor Creative. “We channeled that frustration into something positive by uniting behind our strengths as a Texas border community. We want the world to know our home is more than safe; it’s something America can be proud of.” 

Watch the new video here: https://youtu.be/egJclHu0oDs

“Safety is something you can’t be convinced of. You need to feel it,” said Adan Garcia. “We welcome anyone to stop by, pull up a chair, and experience a part of America we’d all benefit from knowing a little better.”

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