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Texas Border Business…The best choice for Texas Border business news

Texas Border Business is the definitive local commerce news source on every aspect of business, covering the entire spectrum, including emerging technologies, and is the single most reliable source of industry news and information available for the area.

Texas Border Business is regarded by the business community as one of the most valuable credible sources of commerce news. Regular features in our publication include insightful industry and market reports, company success stories and executive insights as well as a unique compilation of comparative mortgage, interest rates and automobile loan rates, providing a valuable service to the Rio Grande Valley communities.



Editorial Columns

If you want to know where we are coming from, don’t miss the opinion on different issues of concern to all of us.


Every month Texas Border Business features a high profile businessperson of the area.

The BIG Story

Special report on different issues of commerce. We will use all resources available to us to bring you the best reporting of business news.

Maquila News

Reports from across the border where all the Maquila Industry business is taking place. Texas Border Business has made important contact alliances to bring you the best.

Changing Hands

Businesses and big parcels of land changing hands Plus, new big deals cooking up in the region.

Moving Up

New employment and promotions. Companies around us are constantly making changes in their executive structure, we will report it.

Success Stories

There are many success stories about businesses and the people behind them on both sides of the border. We will bring them to the light for others to read and become inspired. No matter how small or large your business, we will talk to you.

Economic Indicator

An Index of Leading Economic Indicators, providing the most comprehensive economic data in the region. Additionally, we offer sections targeted at specific communities within our markets, with examinations of growth patterns, development and businesses. Deposits of the banking industry

Population at your fingertips

Census 2000 and Projected 2005 population numbers for every city in South Texas. Incredible Useful Sites: New websites, worth visiting.


A column written by our readers who will have an opportunity to tell our readers about interesting business anecdotes and activities.


This section tracks consumer trends and valuable data extracted from Census 2000 data and from projected reports. Our readers will be able to analyze trends and consumer insights

Hot Franchises

Hot Franchises is about interesting and valuable news for you to read and learn about new opportunities on the franchise horizon.

Breaking News

The service is Exclusive to readers that subscribe to Texas Border Business. A monthly email filled with breaking news for you to read and to learn about new opportunities in business.


Unique interviews with local merchants, learn how they made a retail sales promotion effective, covering their marketing strategies used for radio, TV and primarily newspapers, and any other advertising medium used to reach their sales objective.


Parity between US dollar and Mexican peso.

Faux Pas

Real business scenarios based on problems experienced by local businesses, the solutions offered by RGV professionals knowledgeable in the subject.

Super Moms that make a difference

Interesting stories about Moms in Business that wear multiple hats even while being full time moms.