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Texas Border Business

Washington — Yesterday, Congressman Cuellar (TX-28) voted in support of a legislation package that was considered by the U.S. House of Representatives, which would reopen the federal government and end the Trump Shutdown. The legislative package consists of two components, each of which were voted on separately and passed in the House on Thursday.

The first is a package of six appropriations bills (see attachment below) that have been approved on a bipartisan basis in the Senate (four on the Senate floor on a 92-6 vote, and two in the Senate Appropriations Committee, on a 31-0 and 30-1 vote). The second is a Continuing Resolution for Homeland Security that will extend current levels of funding for that department through February 8.

Congressman Cuellar said, “I am encouraged to see the successful package of this legislative package in the House. The new Democratic majority in the House has made it a top priority to end the Trump Shutdown by passing legislation that will reopen the federal government, without including funding for a senseless border wall.

“Although this comprehensive package provides vital resources to federal agencies and the people that depend on them, we cannot keep running the government on continuing resolutions. I will continue to work with my colleagues on passing a full-year fiscal 2019 Homeland Security funding measure, that does not include a wall.”

Watch the Congressman speak on the House Floor here.

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