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‘This is a very serious matter, and we cannot – we will not – fold.’

Texas Border Business

WASHINGTON – Today U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) appeared on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom to discuss border security and Democrats’ unwillingness to compromise on funding the government.  Excerpts from his appearance are below, and video can be found here. 

“If we took up the House bill, we would only pass a short-term continuing resolution to February 8th, and then the same problem would be staring us in the face again.”

“This is a fundamental difference of opinion between Democrats.”

“They apparently don’t want to do anything about it, versus those of us who say let’s come up with a sensible combination of technology, barriers, and personnel to try to staunch the flow of illegal drugs and human trafficking.”

“We need to come up with a negotiated solution, but we need to get people to the table who are willing to negotiate in good faith.”

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“It’s clear that Nancy Pelosi had to secure the votes she needed to become elected speaker and that meant accommodating the most radical elements of the Democratic membership of the House of Representatives, and they are fine with no border security. These are the same folks who want to abolish ICE and other law enforcement and do nothing about the heroin and the human trafficking that comes across the border along with illegal immigration. That’s an outrageous position, it cannot stand, and we will not agree to that.”

“But this is a deal that has to be cut between Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Donald Trump before Senator McConnell will bring it up on the Senate floor and then pass it.”

“We all know what the experts have told us we need to do to secure our border. It’s a combination of barriers, whether it’s fencing or a wall or a levy, barriers that are used deal with the flooding and also illegal immigration. We need the technology and then we need the personnel.”

“This is a very serious matter, and we cannot – we will not – fold.”

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