New Workforce Opportunities for a brighter more complete Texas Economy

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Texas Border Business

Last week Carol Alvarado, Texas State Senator participated in the bill signing of H.B. 2784, which she sponsored in the senate. Representative Dade Phelan worked with her diligently to pass this bill, Governor Abbott signed it into law and the leadership of S&B Engineers for paving the way for this law to happen.

Texas enjoys a strong economy and it is because of forward-thinking leadership that crafted policies that artfully fostered economic growth. Sen. Alvarado said that there is a need to be intentional about developing the skills necessary to be productive in the current and future economy. Over the course of her career, she has made this a priority because she knows the difference it can make in the life of an average Texan to have meaningful employment that they can be proud of. “Every Texan should feel like they have the opportunity to put food on the table for their families and contribute to the local economy.” She stated.

This bill establishes the Texas Industrial Workforce Apprenticeship Grant program. It will encourage the development of specialized industrial apprenticeship programs in industries vital to our economy and create hands-on educational opportunities for skilled labor career paths. Individuals hoping to enter these specialized jobs will now have the chance to receive on-the-job training while earning a decent and fair wage.

Sen. Alvarado looks forward to the implementation of this program and the positive change it will bring to the individuals who truly make Texas economy great. “I am extremely excited about the prospect of inviting the Texans who have historically been left out, to enjoy the success of the economy for years to come,” she finalized.

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