McAllen Mayor reacts to Texas Border Business Publisher’s Word, he is inviting President-Elect to visit the Valley

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My January 2017 Publisher’s Word called leaders of the Rio Grande Valley to get together and invite President-Elect Donald Trump to visit the Valley. I wrote important information of the commerce trade we have with Mexico. I also corroborated my article with the important information given to me by Congressman Henry Cuellar. He said that we trade one million dollars a minute with our neighbor to the South.

Mayor Jim Darling read the Texas Border Business publisher’s Word and he is reacting fast and stated, “I am going to invite President-Elect Donald Trump to visit the Valley.”

Mayor Darling is well aware of the tremendous negative impact that some of Mr. Trump’s ideas could have to our area. For years the city of McAllen has invested time and resources to make the Maquila Industry a success, this aside from making McAllen and the region a unique place to visit, entertain and shop.

“We need to make sure that Mr. Trump knows about the Rio Grande Valley, and how important Mexico is to Texas,” Mayor darling stated.

Mayor Darling is in New York now, he said, “I am a few blocks from the Trump Tower, which I cannot visit because the high security in place.”

He also pointed out that is coming back to Texas by the weekend and will start implementing his plan of inviting Mr. Trump.

How are you going to deliver this invitation? “I have my connection, the invitation will be delivered,” he said.

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Below a link to the Publisher’s Word:

Publisher’s Word: Why South Texas should invite President-Elect Donald Trump to the Valley

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