Publisher’s Word: Why South Texas should invite President-Elect Donald Trump to the Valley


By Roberto Hugo Gonzalez,

As originally published by Texas Border Business newsprint edition January 2017.

Yes, the invitation should be delivered to the President-Elect by a delegation of South Texas leaders. Whoever they are, this is an immediate task to complete.

Mr. Trump needs to know how interconnected we are with Mexico. The unbelievable commerce with our neighbor to the south equals to one million dollars per minute. He is a businessman, and the bottom line means a lot.

To my knowledge, the only leader from South Texas that had a chance to tell him something about the border is Mayor Pete Saenz of Laredo, Texas. The Valley delegation should have this opportunity, to meet and greet the new President-Elect with a cordial invitation on hand to deliver.

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Some of Mr. Trump’s plans announced during his campaign will adversely impact Texas and the Rio Grande Valley. Donald Trump is the President-Elect, we must act, Obama and Clinton are gone. Let’s work together with President-Elect Trump and let him know how negative a wall will be. Also, that imposing a 35% tariff will be an immediate Armageddon for Texas.

We value our partners because trade is important to us. Texas Border Business asked Mario Reyna, Dean of the Business and Technology Division at South Texas College, about the importance of trade and he said, “There is no question that trade between countries is crucial, countries need to trade with each other. America has 11.5 million jobs directly related to international trade (goods and services) and disrupting business arrangements with any country will impact those that have the least need to be affected.”

Congressman Henry Cuellar, one of the few ‘blue dogs’ in the U.S. Congress, known for his bipartisan efforts, understands the importance of trade. “Every day, billions of dollars’ worth of goods crosses the Texas-Mexico border, including $284 billion in trade at our nation’s largest customs district in my hometown of Laredo and the Rio Grande Valley.”

Cuellar made these comments while celebrating a federal approval of The Cross-Border Trade Enhancement Act developed with input from border community leaders and transportation industry stakeholders.

These events took place last month, adding that The Cross-Border Trade Enhancement Act gives U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP) the authority to enter into innovative partnerships with local governments and private sector entities. “South Texas is a powerhouse for world trade, and this law will help increase the amount and efficiency of commerce at our border ports of entry,” Cuellar stated.

He also said that the State of Texas has 29 official ports of entry, that includes land ports, sea ports, airports, and rail. “These 29 official ports of entry in Texas add more than $631 billion back to our economy.” He said, “All these ports of entry helped Texas be the 10th largest economy… and sometimes we think Texas is a country by itself. The Republic of the State of Texas will be the 10th largest economy in the world. So, this means a lot.”

President-Elect Trump is without a doubt a formidable adversary for anyone in his path. Let’s make sure that we all are by his side to, as he says, “Make America Great”.