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Lou and Jesus Garcia, Valley Trophy Services (VTS)
Lou and Jesus Garcia, Valley Trophy Services (VTS)

As originally published by Texas Border Business newsprint edition January 2018

Valley Trophy Services (VTS) is a ten-year-old local company, owned and operated by Lou and Jesus Garcia, that brings service to the whole Rio Grande Valley region. They specialize, as their name states, in trophies, awards and promotional articles.

“We serve the entire Rio Grande Valley with trophies, awards, promotional products, signs, name tags, and items like that,” Lou Garcia, co-owner of VTS, said. “We’re a member of the McAllen Chamber of Commerce and our company is growing.”

“I take care of the building of the trophies, and she takes care of the other things.” Jesus Garcia VTS co-owner said.

“We’re a woman minority-owned business. I own 51%, he has 49%,” said Lou Garcia. “And I take care of the administrative work.”

The couple co-owns the business, and each one of them takes care of a side of the small business.  Located in Brownsville, and looking into expanding to McAllen, unlike other companies, VTS delivers their products throughout the Valley.

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“We have a manufacturing facility in Brownsville, and we’re looking to expand into McAllen,” said Lou Garcia. “Right now, we’re already delivering products to McAllen, so we’re working with the Chamber of Commerce to look at expanding our business further here and having an actual facility in the McAllen area.”

Their products are custom made, from trophies to plaques, Lou and Jesus Garcia put a lot of themselves into their businesses. Their products aren’t limited to trophies and awards, VTS also carries promotional items for many different businesses.

“Everything that we do is custom made and our service is to deliver the products to the customer, that’s one of the services that we do, most other companies don’t deliver they just sell and people have to come and get their products. But we’re trying to please everybody,” said Jesus Garcia.

“We basically serve everything from educational institutions such as colleges, schools, as well as private corporations, car dealerships, banquet awards even the Chamber of Commerce, we sell name tags, even the local churches require name tags for their deacons, and items such as that,” Lou Garcia said. “We’re available to help anyone that is looking for quality products at an affordable price.”

Despite being a small business that is currently growing and looking to expand to McAllen, VTS is already giving services to many cities in the Valley in a great variety of ways.

“We service for example chess tournaments for Harlingen, San Benito, South Padre Island, Port Isabel, and like I said, Valley-wide. We just do a wide variety of things as well as military, police departments, and different types of organizations, so not necessarily one specific thing, we pretty much serve anyone that needs our services,” said Lou.