House Buying Made Simple with Borderplex

Patricia Baez, realtor with Borderplex
Patricia Baez, realtor with Borderplex

As originally published by Texas Border Business newsprint edition January 2018

Buying a home is a big step to take, many people do not even consider the possibility of buying a house because there are a lot of misconceptions about it. Owning a home is the American Dream. Many people wish they could own a home, but would never actually take a step closer to it. Despite being a big investment, buying a house can save you more money than having a lease for several years.

“A lot of people are renting, they usually pay up to a thousand dollars or more in rent, and you can own a home for much less than that. And that would include mortgage, interest, principal insurance, taxes, everything.” Patricia Baez, a realtor with Borderplex, said. “When you’re renting, you’re paying for someone else’s mortgage. It’s a good step to take to start the process and make a plan to buy a home.”

Borderplex is one of the two top leading real estate agencies in the Rio Grande Valley. Borderplex has house listings all over Texas but their focus is in the Valley.

“Borderplex it’s a great company. It’s actually one of the top two real estate agencies in the Valley, and that’s only because we have fewer agents than the first company.” Said Baez. “I’m honored to work with them and be part of the company.”

The agency helps new homebuyers to have the best experience while taking this important step in their lives. For more than 15 years, Borderplex has been helping customers find their dream home and getting the best deals possible.

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“We help clients with the process of buying real estate. We help them with the process, we tell them the steps that they need to take. Some people don’t have credit and we help them find someone that can help them build the credit to qualify for a loan,” explained Baez.

One of the most common misconceptions that people have is that realtors charge for showing a house, Patricia Baez says the contrary.

“A lot of first-time homebuyers don’t know how the process works, and they think we’re going to charge them to help them with the process. We don’t,” she said. “That’s something a seller pays for; our services are free and we can represent them and their interest and help them with the process of buying a home.”

Borderplex realtors guide their clients through house showings of the best houses for their family, within the price range, and the area they like.

“We get them in contact with lenders and we also have access to other properties on the market, in the Valley, and we show them the homes personally, we help them find the best one for their family, their price range, the area they like, and we help them write up a contract, negotiate prices, repairs and get them the best deal possible.” Said Baez.

Besides selling properties, they also specialize in leasing residential and commercial properties, setting up sellers for future home sales. They make selling or buying a home a simple and approachable for the customer.