The Valley Border Patrol Has New Leadership

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Texas Border Business

It’s with great pleasure that I introduce to you the new Border Patrol Chief Sector Rodolfo Karisch. He and a group of his team visited Rotary Club McAllen South and gave an update on the situation at the border. 

It is known that for years the number of Central Americans crossing the border has increased on a daily basis. Apparently, the economies of El Salvador, Honduras, and the Republic of Guatemala are not doing well at all. The lack of incentives and opportunities combined with high incidence of crime gives no choice to their citizens but to opt to migrate to Mexico and the United States.

And this is when the headaches start for the U.S.government, also for every law enforcement department. In this issue, Chief Karisch, for the RGV border sector talks about his priorities of border security and public safety.

You will find his comments interesting, with a tone of hope that we are in good hands, not without first quoting him that the situation is “daunting.”

In Pharr, Texas: The Big News is that Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller was sworn-in for his second term in a colorful ceremony at the Pharr International Bridge spanning the Rio Grande River and the Texas-Mexico border.  Texas Supreme Court Justice Eva Guzman conducted the oath of office. That I know, this is the first time this happens in the Valley instead of Austin, the capital of Texas.

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McAllen Performance Center: Those of you who have had a chance to visit this magnificent facility will be glad to know that in just 11 days into the new year of 2019, the McAllen Performing Arts Center has already cemented its record-breaking year. Starting the year on a high note with tickets for an astounding 35 events this year. Management also said that plenty more announcements are coming soon. 

Congressman Henry Cuellar (TX-28) and Congressman Vicente Gonzalez (TX-15), both representing their respective districts in South Texas were sworn into the 116th Congress. Cuellar was sworn for the eighth time and Gonzalez starts his second term.

Mayor Ambrosio Hernandez, MD, had a great State of the City. He began by saying, “When I made the decision to run for office as Mayor, almost exactly four years ago to the date, there were some people who said it could not be done. There were those who said that a pediatric surgeon DID NOT have the time nor the know-how to run a city. I respectfully disagree with that belief.”

Well, now everyone can see for themselves, Pharr is a city that is on the move, constantly announcing great events, and new businesses moving in. As he said, “I’ve always imagined doing the impossible.”

Great Work Thelma: On November 14, 2018, President of United Way of South Texas Thelma M. Garza announced her retirement, effective March 29, 2019, to the organization’s Board of Directors and staff. Garza has been in the United Way system since 1985, for 9years with United Way of Coastal Bend and 24 years with United Way of South Texas.

Garza was instrumental in establishing many new programs in Hidalgo and Starr Counties but believes that the most impactful work resulted in working with volunteers and increasing volunteer capacity for the entire organization. She will be missed!

There is more in this issue, Enjoy! 

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