Rep. Muñoz Statement on Gov. Abbott’s State of the State Address

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AUSTIN, TEXAS – This morning, Governor Greg Abbott delivered his State of the State Address on the House Floor during a joint session with the Texas Senate. Among his emergency items, the Governor outlined school finance reform, teacher pay raises, property tax relief, school safety, disaster response, and mental health programs. 

In response, Representative Muñoz offered the following statement. “I share in the Governor’s concern, and look forward to working on meaningful school finance reform, teacher pay raises, property tax relief and the other items mentioned in his state of the state address. The challenge becomes on how to fund these items, I urge the Governor and the legislature to make all sources of revenue available for such, even using the Rainy Day Fund.”

Furthermore, Rep. Muñoz offered the following on what was not included as an emergency item, “I’m disappointed that the Governor did not declare teacher retirement and the rising costs in healthcare as an emergency item the legislature needs to fix now! Our retired teachers are not getting a cost of living adjustment and they need immediate help to reign in the cost of TRS-Care for them and their dependents.”

This session, Rep. Muñoz is working on several bills that seek to address the high premium costs and cost of living disparities that our retired teachers face. “Providing retired educators with relief is necessary and I fully support any measure that seeks to do just that,” said Rep. Muñoz. Rep. Muñoz looks forward to working with his colleagues across the aisle to find solutions in a bipartisan manner for the betterment of all Texans!

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