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Texas Border Business

I remember that day like it was yesterday. Seventeen years—it’s hard to believe it was that long ago — I was in the White House Mess, where there were about six of us having breakfast. One of the legislative liaisons at the White House came in, and he said, “Some guy flew a plane into the World Trade Center.” But the way he said it, it made it seem like some guy in a little propellor plane accidentally crashed into the building, so we just kept on with our breakfast.

Minutes later, he came back in and told us, “Another plane hit the World Trade Center. It’s clearly an act of terrorism.”

Right then and there, we got up and drove straight back to the Capitol and started praying. Like the whole world, we were just watching everything unfold on TV, but just outside our window, I could see the smoke from the Pentagon billowing into the sky.

On that day, everything changed. If we let our guard down at all, something like this could clearly happen again. America must never forget.


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