Open Forum on SB4 and DACA and Impact to our community


Texas Border Business

The RGV Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (RGVHCC) announces its plan to host a public forum/town hall meeting  regarding The Future of SB4/DACA & its Impact on Our Community on Monday, September 18th, 2017 from 6-8 p.m. at the McAllen Public Library completely free of cost. With the recent developments announced by the federal court regarding the temporary halt of SB4 and the termination of DACA, our community is eager to discuss its impact and what can be done to resolve the potential pitfalls of our current political environment. The event will be moderated by Attorney Alex Martinez, Vice-Chair of Government Affairs for the Chamber’s Board of Directors.

The RGVHCC is reaching out to other community leaders and organizations such as UTRGV, LUPE, Texas Civil Rights Project, Catholic Archdiocese among others to join the panel of speakers and discuss how we can all join forces as a community and devise a strategy to protect our families and businesses.  “We have received many calls of concern regarding DACA as the decision will cause a tremendous negative economic impact in the U.S. as well as split many families forcing them to return to their countries, which some children don’t even recall”.  Stated Cynthia M. Sakulenzki, RGVHCC Pres/CEO.


For more information on the Public Forum call the RGVHCC office at 928-0060.

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