Noble Charities’ First Inaugural Golf Tournament 2019 Raised Funds to Help Others

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By Roberto Hugo Gonzalez

As originally published in Texas Border Business newsprint edition September 2019.

Each year, Noble Texas Builders (NTB), the parent company of Noble Charities Foundation, celebrates multiple fund-raising events. All employees, including principals of the company, work diligently creating ideas to bring together other professionals of the Valley to participate. The effort is unique; it raisesfunds to help nonprofit organizations throughout the Rio Grande Valley.

According to Juan Delgado, Project Executive with NTBand volunteer; NobleCharities Foundationcelebrated its First Inaugural Golf Tournament. It tookplace at the beautiful Tierra Santa Golf Course in Weslaco, Texas.

Delgado pointed out that Noble Charities Foundation had a very successful outcome with the tournament. “We had 35 teams registered and playing 18 holes on a three-man series of up games.”

He said that the plan is to have it every year. Pointing out that the foundation’s purpose is first to get together with all their friends in the industry, like subcontractors, owners,architects, and design teams. The goal is to have a good time getting away from work and raise funds from sponsors.

“All proceeds go back to Noble Charities. And that money is used to fund scholarships in nonprofit organizations throughout the Valley,” Delgado stated.

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The First Inaugural Golf Tournament was a success; they had 40 teams fully registered of which only 35 came to play. Five teams didn’t make it due to their heavy schedules they carry within their companies. Nevertheless, they participated.

Nobel Charities promoted the event for about three months. Theyused a brochure and flyers given to their friends and subcontractors, inviting them to participate, and they did.

Just recently, Noble incorporated a new message, and he said, “The mission statement for Noble Texas Builders is to inspire hope, improve lives, and strengthen the community we live in;that’s the intent.”

Another warrior isSabina Garcia, a volunteer as a board member with Noble Charities. On her second year, shesaid that they have never done a golf tournament before. “We decided to try something different that would appeal to our subs and vendors, something fun,something out in the field, which is what they’re used to.” She said, “It’s been a great success. It’s our first, we have a great team, and our vendors and subs are awesome because without them we couldn’t have done this.”

 Sabina said that the proceeds help pay for Noble Charities football camp offered to school kids. “We brought four former Dallas Cowboys; they teach football techniques.” She continued, “This event helps to fund this, anything extra goes forscholarships at Lady of the Lake University, South Texas College, and two other schools.”

Christine Blouch is the Business Development Manager for Noble Texas Builders and also volunteers as Director of Noble Charities Foundation.

She said that her experience organizing the First Inaugural Golf Tournamentwas fun. “It’s a lot of work, but we work with some wonderful people. I have a supportive team, a great board, and committee members. And everyone is just so welcoming and willing to help us to give back to others.”

She also said, “Thisis a great event that allows you tokickback andhave some personal fun time that makes a difference in other people’s lives instead of just doing it at work.”

Blouch is proud to work with a great organization that stands for excellent moral values. “Our mission statement is toinspire hope, improve lives, and strengthen the communities we live in;we live it every day. The people that help support us in these events are living it with us,too.”

Now that the golf tournament is over, they are preparing for the Fishing Tournament scheduled for September 10, 11, and 12.

Rene Capistran and Juan Delgado

“This will be the third year we do it, and it’s pretty much the same thing. It’sa way to raise funds, andhave fun with our friends in the industry,” Delgado added. “Wewant to encourage everyone to participate and assist us. It’sa good way of giving back to the community.”

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