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Actually, he tops it with lime juice and salsa verde

Texas Border Business

The City of McAllen has stood on the sidelines long enough, laughing at the outlandish claims coming from cities just up the road from the Rio Grande Valley and has decided to do something about it.  For over a year now, cities such as San Antonio, Dallas, Houston and even, ahem…Austin, have been arguing over the title of best tacos in Texas.

In McAllen, this Texas Taco War is about to go viral.

The McAllen Chamber of Commerce, along with McAllen Mayor Jim Darling recently teamed up to create a short commercial that is sure to add fuel to this fire.  Or, as one can see in the video that is being posted on various McAllen social media sites, lime juice and salsa verde, along with a little onion and cilantro, which are just some of the weapons used in this battle.

The spot, written, directed and produced by Robert Lopez, the director of Convention Sales for the McAllen CVB, a division of the Chamber and filmed and produced by Zar Castillo and Manny Rodriguez of BRNDHub, pokes a little fun at some McAllen stereotypes, while also pointing out the obvious advantage of their border location.

“It took several bites of the taco – I mean takes – to get the shot just right,” said Mayor Darling.  “Those were some gooood tacos.”

To try the best tacos in Texas, head south on U.S. Highway 281 and don’t stop until you see all the palm trees.

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