Laura and Dan a Perfect Pair of Champions at Easterseals Programs

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Laura Warren Ogletree and Dan Ogletree, The Perfect Pair. They were selected by Easterseals because they give the gift of hope. Photo by Roberto Hugo Gonzalez

By Roberto Hugo Gonzalez

As originally published in Texas Border Business newsprint edition September 2019

Last month, Easterseals of McAllen celebrated a very special event; they are creators of The Power of the Purse. And about five years ago, they started another program called The Perfect Pair, which includes champions of the community. This year, Laura Warren Ogletree and Dan Ogletree were selected as The Perfect Pair to represent Easterseals services and programs.

Easterseals of McAllen provides valuable programs that benefit children with disabilities, specifically therapy, and information for parents so that they can work with their child to help them reach their full potential.

Just recently, Easterseals expanded their level of service by going on prevention and help kids get early identification, early support and to help them get ready for school.

Dan and Laura, this year’s champions have supported Easterseals for many years. Patricia “Pattie” Rosenlund the executive director of Easterseals told Texas Border Business, “They really need no introduction. I simply want to express my gratitude for their support of Easterseals and our community.”

She continued, “I recently heard a lecture on social engagement and the speaker described the importance of showing up being present and being strong for those who don’t have a voice. This made me think of Laura and Dan as I worked with them getting ready for this event.”

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All proceeds go to the programs and services provided by Easterseals Rio Grande Valley, helping children build a strong foundation for a bright future

“It’s an emotional journey.” Laura said, “Because I was raised by a woman who had polio at age 7. So, I was inspired by her because, her having Polio never stopped her from doing in what she believed in, to instill strong morals, and the idea of doing your best no matter what.”

Laura stated that by being there, it allows them to be able to continue the legacy. “Being able to give a gift of hope and knowing that Easterseals never turns away, they help everyone.”

Her husband Dan said, “It’s a great honor. I know a lot of people to choose from. Because they chose the best you know we’re honored and proud to be able to raise money for them.”

The event took place at the Edinburg Conference Center at Renaissance on August 22, 2019.

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