A Woman Could Change the World of Business

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Texas Border Business

I am fortunate to have met Lucille Cavazos and to have learned about an extraordinary business career she has experienced in the creation of C&C Bakery. Yes, it is the company that manufactured flour tortillas. Their tortilla products became very popular among the families in Texas. Since then, she has reinvented herself many times; each of them has been better than before. She has proven herself to be a woman of exceptional talents in building her businesses.

For the last nineteen years, Lucille has owned and operated Waterford Gardens Assisted Living in Mission Texas. As she says, “The best assisted living North and South of the Mason Dixon Line!”

She began building her first assisted living home Waterford Gardens Assisted Living in 2000. The second, Waterford Gardens Guest House came into being in 2004, and the third, Bungalows at Waterford Gardens in 2010. This is where she has cared for matriarchs and patriarchs of the Rio Grande Valley and of the Midwest whether they were walking, using a walker, or in a wheelchair. Inside this Texas Border Business, read more about her and the beautiful park she created for her guests.

In Edinburg, great news, a welding school is moving to the Edinburg Industrial Park. Read more about the opportunities for those seeking to become professional builders. 

Several of Texas Border Business Guest Writers have contributed interesting articles. Fernando González, the Director of Technology Commercialization at UTRGV with 20 years involved in software development, telecommunications, copyright, and patent licensing, and supporting start-ups. He wrote an article called “How patents are really used.”

Jorge F. Millan is a bicultural attorney at law, licensed to practice in México, with vast domestic and international experience as in-house and outside counsel for various corporations and individuals. He contributed an article called “Misleading Advertising in Mexico.”

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Debbie Georgatos hosts the talk show America, “Can We Talk,” which aired on Salem radio stations for 4 ½ years and expanded in 2019 to a video podcast format. It now reaches regular listeners in 42 cities, 18 states, and 40 countries. She wrote the article “Three Questions Every Woman Should Be Asking Themselves Ahead of the 2020 Election”. 

Laura Ryan is a member of the Texas Transportation Commission, which oversees statewide activities of the Texas Department of Transportation. She wrote an editorial called “End The Streak: 19 Years Of Daily Deaths On Texas Highways”. This an effort to end the deaths on Texas roadways every year.

Laura says that You can make a difference too. To Be responsible. To Be an example to your kids. Be the driver you would want next to you, in front of you or behind you on the roadway. “We must all work together to #EndTheStreakTX,” she wrote.

Good news: The Border Texan of the Year Committee, joined by Texas A&M System Chancellor John Sharp, announced that Dr. Guy Bailey, the University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley President will be the 2019 Border Texan of the Year.  

The Border Texan of the Year event is an annual banquet that recognizes individuals in the Rio Grande Valley who advocate for the improvement of issues important to the area. Included among them are education, funding, transportation, business, security, and health issues, and who highlights and helps pave the way for opportunities for the region. 

The dinner and reception are to be held on Thursday, November 21, 2019, at the McAllen Convention Center.  Get your tickets. Find more info inside. See you there!

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