Veteran Females United to Unveil Female Service Member Statue at Brownsville Veterans Park

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BROWNSVILLE – Veteran Females United (VFU) announced today they will unveil a long awaited statue of a female service member on Saturday, June 25th at Brownsville Veterans Park.

To recognize and salute female veterans who have served, are currently serving, and have lost their lives serving the nation, Veteran Females United will unveil a female service member statue at a special ceremony at Brownsville Veterans Park, 2500 Central Blvd. scheduled for Saturday, June 25th, 2016 at 10:00 a.m.

“Honoring the women who have served our country is a frequent topic of discussion amongst the VFU members, Arlene Laboy, president, Veteran Females United stated.  “We then thought it would be a great idea to fundraise for a small plaque to be placed at the veteran’s park to honor local women veterans.”   It was then; the vision of having a statue of a female veteran was introduced.

This vision was completely transformed when the idea was presented to Charlie Clark and his team. It was Charlie Clark’s team who suggested the group construct a Female Veteran Statue equivalent to the size of this wonderful statue already in place.

“Their support and enthusiasm towards our efforts have made this idea a reality,” Laboy stated.  “We just can’t thank them enough….the selfless contribution to our veterans and our community will have a big impact in generations to come.”

Veteran Females United began as a small student support group with five members who met twice a month and saw progress within themselves and within their support group. Together, they created an organization within the university welcoming other student female veterans, wives of veterans, and dependents of veterans.  The small group raised awareness of the unique issues faced by female veterans while participating at campus and community events.  In 2014, the group decided to expand the organization from a student organization to a community organization to recruit and support other female veterans within the community

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Currently, the group has more than thirty members and was officially incorporated as Veteran Females United, a nonprofit organization in March 2016.

The mission of Veteran Females United (VFU) is to engage and empower female veterans to lead healthy successful lives by providing ongoing guidance and support to them and their families.

For more information contact Angela R. Burton at (956) 459-7601 or email to [email protected]

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