Texas Web Developer Helping Businesses Implement Curbside Pick-up Service for Customers

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Pictured above, David Winters, General Manager; Sean Clarke, Technology Director; David Watkins, Founder and Kate Hurry, Art Director.

Texas Border Business

Harlingen, Texas – The idea to provide curbside pick-up for customers is not new, but the process can create disorganized confusion for businesses and customers alike. MPC Studios, a Texas website and application developer, came up with a brilliant solution called, Curby.  

Businesses can sign up and use the Curby app for free at GetCurby.com.

Curby helps a business provide customers with a curbside pick-up service that is organized and easy.  Curby not only works for restaurants but any essential business remaining open during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Customers only need a phone with text messaging, making Curby likely to be useful to more people, since customers don’t need to install any apps or sign up for anything. 

For businesses, Curby is a time-saver. Entering a new order takes about 10 seconds, and then Curby does the heavy lifting of communication by texting an order confirmation to the customer, a notification when the order is ready, and notifying the business once the customer is curbside.

Curby was designed to be easy to use, immediately. The signup process for businesses is ridiculously fast, and a business can begin using Curby right away. The interface is clean and intuitive, and most users dive right in and start using it with no training at all. 

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Nothing gets lost. You see all your orders on the dashboard.  And the workflow makes implementing curbside pick-up service to customers easy.

The Coronavirus crisis created a sense of urgency for the team for rapid deployment. Since launching last week, Curby has been enthusiastically received by businesses and Chambers of Commerce, eager to find ways to help members. 

Curby’s focus is to help a business stay organized with curbside pick-up service. “We wanted to get something helpful out to businesses right away”, explains GM and Curby Project Manager David Winters. They don’t have time to wait on a solution, so we started with the most important features first and are adding more features every week.

Curby is currently Free.  “We’re in a position to help’, says MPC President David Watkins. “We may eventually charge something to offset our hard costs, but right now we’re simply trying to help.”

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