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Texas Border Business

EDINBURG – In July, the attention of much of the nation was focused on Hidalgo County which was contending with an onslaught of infection from the COVID-19 virus. Among those paying attention was singing legend Cher who performed in Hidalgo County before local infections began.

Moved by some of the stories of courage emanating from Hidalgo County, Cher reached out to emergency management officials in California where she lives and said she wanted to help. Those officials, in turn, reached out to emergency management officials in Texas who reached out to Eddie Olivarez, director of Hidalgo County Health and Human Services.

The result is a 35-second public service announcement that Cher produced telling Hidalgo County residents that she is praying for them and urging residents to adopt safety measures such as using facial coverings and engaging in frequent hand washing.

“Cher is a beloved treasure in our country and her desire to send prayers to Hidalgo County makes her more special to those of us in the Rio Grande Valley,” Hidalgo County Judge Richard F. Cortez said. “I thank her for her blessings and I urge residents of Hidalgo County to listen to her message.”

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