The Rio Grande Valley Partnership supports Statewide Ridesharing Regulations


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The Rio Grande Valley partnership (RGVP) is encouraging lawmakers to establish statewide ridesharing regulations that will be heard before the Texas Legislature this week. By embracing transformative technology, this legislation helps address the region’s growing transportation infrastructure needs and bolsters investment in our regional economy. Texas follows 38 states that have recognized the need for a consistent statewide regulatory framework.

The Rio Grande Valley’s surging growth across its four-county region continues to drive investment in our region; commercial and residential investment grew by $200m to $986m in 2016. The RGV’s population is estimated to rise from 1.3m to 2.2 million by 2040.

“The investment in our communities to help meet the projected population growth in our region will create new opportunities and challenges,” said Sergio Contreras, President/CEO of the RGV Partnership. “We need to continue to invest in our transportation infrastructure which is currently strained in several congestion points across the region,” said Contreras.

Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) like Lyft and Uber provide a robust transportation solution that scales with the region’s need for safe commuting.

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“Statewide ridesharing regulations will allow transportation network companies (TNC) to operate seamlessly throughout Texas,” said Texas State Representative Armando Martinez, Vice-Chair of Transportation.   “In the Valley, a TNC will be able to drive from Mission to Weslaco to Harlingen to South Padre Island all under the same regulations. More importantly, it will allow people to make money; it will create jobs; it will allow innovative start-ups to enter the marketplace; and, it will provide individuals with an additional option for transportation.” said Representative Martinez.

The Rio Grande Valley Partnership continues to work with leading business and public organizations to advance prosperity within our communities, our Valley, and our state.