Rep. Cuellar Helps Secure Over $1.7 Billion for Border Security

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Increasing border security for the district and nationwide

Texas Border Business

Washington — Congressman Henry Cuellar (TX-28) announced the inclusion of over $1.7 billion in funding for border security provisions, along with many other measures he helped secure, in the Fiscal Year 2018 Omnibus Appropriations Bill, which recently became law.

“As a longtime advocate for tighter border security, I support 21st-century border security investments that represent the most cost-effective use of taxpayer money, such as unmanned aerial systems, aerostats, fixed and mobile video surveillance systems, and ground sensors,” said Congressman Cuellar. “It is absolutely necessary that we make these investments in order to make our borders, and the surrounding communities, safer.”

The legislation also includes:

•Language hiring at least 100 new immigration judge teams, which includes judges, support staff, technology and workspace, along with many other security measures to help process immigration cases and increase efficiency at the border;

•Language setting a goal for immigration cases to be processed in 60 days if the individual is detained, and in 365 days if the individual is not detained; and

•Language instructing the National Guard to implement public-private partnerships with state and local governments to construct facilities along our southwestern border that can support border security.

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Border Security Measures – Texas’ 28th District

As part of his work on the Appropriations Committee, Congressman Cuellar fought for necessary border security projects and programs that will improve the 28th district. Highlights include:

•Directive language requiring CBP to provide an update on its integrated strategy for controlling Carrizo cane along the Rio Grande in Texas.

Border Security Measures – Nationwide

The omnibus bill also reflects Congressman Cuellar’s longtime advocacy for smart, proven-effective security tools and technologies across the entire southern border. Highlights of the provisions he fought for include:

•$49,738,000 for border road construction;

•Language to improve CBP Air and Marine support for CBP;

•$55 million for law enforcement canines and inspection technology to assist in the detection and seizure of controlled substances and other contraband along the border;

•Language to streamline hiring for Homeland Security;

•Language to adequately staff land ports of entry to facilitate legitimate trade;

•Language to ensure family unity is a primary factor in CBP and ICE processing decisions;

•$177,700,000 for Alternatives to Detention;

•$240,000,000 for State Criminal Alien Assistance Program;

•Language calling on ATF to establish a system to aid in preventing gun trafficking at the Southwest border;

•$19 million for National Guard Southwest Border Operations;

•$8 million for National Guard State Partnership Program;

•$201,353,000 for National Guard Counter-Drug Program;

•$98 million for FEMA National Domestic Preparedness Consortium; and

•$500 million for Coast Guard Offshore Patrol Cutter.

For additional bill language, please click here.

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