Peñitas Mayor Rigo Lopez Files for Re-Election Lopez Seeks Second Term to Continue to Bring Historic Growth to the City

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Mayor Rigo Files For Re-Election
Mayor Rigo Files For Re-Election

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Peñitas, Texas – Mayor Rigo Lopez officially filed for re-election today, seeking a second term in office. He is the first candidate to file for the City of Peñitas municipal elections, which will be held in May 2019.

“I believe that under our leadership, the City of Peñitas has grown tremendously compared to just a few years ago,” stated Lopez. “We have invested into our community and are working on many exciting projects which will contribute to our city’s economic vitality and improved quality of life for our residents,” he added. “I am seeking a second term in office because I want to ensure that these projects and goals are implemented not only as Mayor but as a proud resident of this wonderful community,” Lopez added. 

Lopez has been instrumental in helping the city grow. During his four-year term as Mayor on the City Council he has helped to attract businesses, improve road and drainage infrastructure, fostered partnerships with local agencies and organizations, improved the city’s access to grants and funding, and most importantly, he has provided the citizens of Peñitas with the city’s first-ever Fire Department and EMS services.

“As Peñitas grows and welcomes new businesses and opportunities, I look forward to continuing to lead the way for strengthening relationships and working with the city council and staff to cultivate a community that is poised to grow financially and with the focus of improving the overall quality of life for our Peñitas families,” said Lopez.

The council, under Mayor Lopez’s leadership, has recently secured a partnership with La Joya ISD and the Hidalgo County Urban County Program to develop and construct a park near JFK Elementary, with the expansion of more parks throughout the city planned for the future. This year, Mayor Lopez will launch the city’s first-ever Parks and Recreation Department to serve children throughout the area.

“As an educator and coach for over 10 years and as a father to three young children, I know the importance and influence that recreational sports programs have for our youth,” Lopez stated. “Sports play a valuable role in the healthy development of children, they build character, foster teamwork, provide a sense of family, and most importantly, they serve to provide a positive and safe environment within our community,” he continued.

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Improving city services and investing in city infrastructure has also been a priority throughout the Mayor’s tenure.

“I am proud to say that through our work, this city commission has accomplished many achievements for the benefit of our employees and community including offering retirement benefits for all employees for the first time in the city’s history, investing in a brand new police fleet, the construction of a police substation to service residents on the north side of the city, hiring a full-time dedicated animal control officer and city certified health inspectors, and improving community safety by installing lights throughout neighborhoods,” stated Lopez. 

Mayor Lopez has worked diligently to put the City of Peñitas on the map and is committed to seeing it grow in the future.

“I am humbled and grateful to the citizens of Peñitas for your trust in me these last four years as Mayor and I look forward to more progress and growth in the future as I seek a second term in office,” Lopez said. “We still have so much to accomplish, especially with new leadership throughout Hidalgo County, I know we can all work together to move our city and Western Hidalgo County forward,” he continued.

Lopez is a graduate of La Loya High School and earned a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA). He coached middle and high school students at La Joya ISD for over 10 years and is currently the district’s Transportation Director. Mayor Lopez is married to Bianca Lopez, and they are proud parents to Ximena, Zavier, and Kalina.

Councilmembers Ramiro Loya and Jose Roel Flores are also expected to file for re-election later today.

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