Mission Mayoral Election: New Evidence About Violations by Armando Ocaña’s family

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Pictured  above, Attorney Ricardo Salinas says to have new evidence on the Mission mayoral election.
Pictured above, Attorney Ricardo Salinas says to have new evidence on the Mission mayoral election.

Texas Border Business

Mission Texas – Mission Attorney Ricardo Salinas will be releasing information that has recently been discovered and was not available for the recent Mission mayoral trial that was deemed voided by Judge Bonner Dorsey last Friday.

The judge overseeing the Mission trial found clear evidence that Armando Ocaña’s campaign was involved in a conspiracy to bribe voters and manipulate main in ballots for the mayoral campaign. According to Salinas, the information that will be provided to the media outlets will directly implicate one of the parties to this lawsuit. 

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In addition, the information will also implicate one specific witness. Finally, the information will also further prove the existence of a conspiracy.  He also pointed out that the person with the information is coming in with legal counsel and this person is insisting to clear his name and making himself available to media at this moment.

Attorney Salinas told Texas Border Business, “Mission residents need qualified individuals who can provide the leadership, management experience, and knowledge to be in compliance with all laws, rules and regulations required to run a city,” Salinas stated.  “In my experience as attorney who has practiced in state and federal courts for over 25 years, I am constantly implementing training programs to keep employees up to date to remain compliant with all current federal and state laws.” he ended.

Attorney Ricardo Salinas emphasized that he will hold a press conference at 11 am tomorrow, Wednesday, October 10,2018 at his law office of Ricardo Salinas 2011 North Conway in Mission, to release information pertinent to his client’s claim.

About the judgement:

Judge Bonner Dorsey found clear evidence to support that Armando Ocaña’s campaign engaged in conspiracy to bribe voters and manipulate the mail in ballots in the most recent mayoral campaign.

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