Mission Event Center Now Open

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“Capture the Moment” is Their Slogan

By Roberto Hugo Gonzalez

As originally published by Texas Border Business newsprint edition April 2018

Hundreds of people attended the very special ceremony, as Mission celebrated in grandiose style the ribbon cutting ceremony of the Mission Event Center. It was one they have been waiting for with great anticipation for more than a decade.

Aida Lerma, Deputy City Manager
Aida Lerma, Deputy City Manager

“Good afternoon and welcome,” said Aida Lerma. “It is my pleasure to welcome each and every one of you here today.” She continued, “This is a grand occasion and we couldn’t be more proud than we are today as we celebrate the grand opening of the Mission Event Center.

As always, when there is an event, the City of Mission begins with a prayer, and invited Pastor Elliot Sanchez to lead the invocation. He said, “Dear Father, we are so grateful and thankful for this day that you have given us. In your Word, you say that you have great plans for us, plans to prosper us, not to harm us, plans to grant us a future and a hope. From what we can see Father, you have prospered us well. Your favor is all around us and our future looks bright.”

City of Mission Mayor Norberto “Beto” Salinas couldn’t be happier. He was the one planning this great project for several years.

The mayor was invited to the podium, he said, “Thank you all very much for being here today. This is a great honor for the City of Mission to have. I want to thank the City Council and the City Manager and all the staff that had a lot to do with this beautiful building.”

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Mayor Salinas said that for the last ten years, people were urging the city to build an event center. “I knew that we had to do it, but it was important for me to get the tax rate lower for all residents and we did it. Now that we have accomplished a decent tax rate, we have built the event center.”

The project has been in the back of Mayor Salinas’ mind, and now he said, “We got the right piece of land, bought at the right price, to pay for it.”

It is well known that the city of Mission has had the largest demographic growth if compared to any city of the Valley. The city continues to grow, and Mayor Salinas, the city council and the staff feel proud of the work they have done.

The Mission Event Center is a multifaceted building where people can celebrate Quinceañeras, weddings, holiday parties, car shows and more.

Mayor Salinas was clear to say that they built the center for the enjoyment of the residents and no intention to make money.

“The good news,” he said, “we don’t have to increase taxes to pay for it.” The mayor has hopes, that this enhancement for the city will attract more people to live in Mission, because he says, “Mission is a beautiful place to live and to raise a family.”

The City Council was recognized for the efforts and their good work Jessica Ortega-Ochoa, Place 1; Ruben Plata, Place 2; Norie Gonzalez Garza, Place 3 Mayor Pro-Tem; and Dr. Armando O’Caña, Place 3; and City Manager Martin Garza, Jr.

Martin Garza, Jr., Mission City Manager
Martin Garza, Jr., Mission City Manager

“We are truly delighted to have all of you here in this special occasion for Mission,” Garza said. “Our citizens are working class people who want to get together, enjoy family, events and to come together to enjoy the quality of life that the city of Mission provides.” He said that the building is more than an event center, brilliant minds got together so it could attract economic development immediately around the facility.

“As Mayor Salinas said, the objective was to build it without increasing taxes for our citizens,” said Garza. The partnerships that were put together to make it happen, were under the leadership of Mayor Salinas. According to Garza, Alex Meade, CEO of the Mission Economic Development Corporation (Mission EDC) Daniel Silva COO; they both contributed to make this project happen.

“Also, with those relationships we decided to invest in these 10 acres where the event center sits, and the Mission EDC purchased the 19 acres just south of our location.” Garza went on the explain that the purpose is to bring economic development around the event center, like restaurants and hotels. He also announced that a new restaurant is coming to their site.

Garza said, “I want to thank my two right hands, Aida Lerma and Randy Perez, both Deputy City Managers, the team that manages the Mission Event Center, are qualified individuals that have experience in dealing with people. Fatima Garcia, Gabby Bazaldua and Jerry Guzman will help anyone interested in the events center.

Robert Rosell, President and CEO of the Mission Chamber of Commerce said, “Most of our chamber events are going to be here at this facility. Two weeks ago, I had the privilege of taking a private tour.”

“I think this is a big game changer for the City of Mission,” expressed Rosell.

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