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Texas Border Business

It’s Frontera Churro’s one year anniversary. Running a business during a pandemic is hard enough, but being a fresh business as the globe is hit with a pandemic is almost the kiss of death. Astonishingly, the co-owners (Bertha Gil and Berenice Saucedo) of Frontera Churros in the El Centro District of Downtown El Paso did the opposite. Not only did they survive the pandemic’s economical ramifications, but they are thriving.

According to Saucedo and Gil, key elements were to remain “agile,” staying consistent, pressing on after failures, and devoting more time and energy to the business. Bertha Gil, quit her management job to work full time on the business, and both Gil and Saucedo have emphasized the importance of family and embracing the community.

Among their bold moves, offering free delivery all over the City, during the peak of the shutdown has been one of the most beneficial tactics and bucks the notion that location is key. In addition, professional branding, a strong social media presence, updated products, and an outlook that embraces change instead of doing things the same as they always have, has made their year a fruitful one. 

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