Hidalgo County raises awareness on Domestic Violence

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October is declared Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Pictured is Commissioners Court with the county’s DA’s Office Victims Unit and Family Violence Task Force, in collaboration with law enforcement, advocacy groups, and agencies.

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To help break the silence, and to raise public awareness about the educational resources available for victims of domestic violence, Commissioners Court proclaimed October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Hidalgo County Criminal District Attorney’s Office Victims Unit and Hidalgo County Family Violence Task Force, in collaboration with law enforcement, advocacy groups, and agencies, have united to serve as a resource, and as a voice, for victims of domestic violence.

“We want the victims to know we are here with them,” said Criminal District Attorney Ricardo Rodriguez Jr. “You don’t have to be silent. We will stand together and address this issue.”

The crime of domestic violence violates an individual’s privacy, dignity, security, and humanity, due to the systematic use of physical, emotional, sexual, psychological, and economic control. Domestic violence extends to the abuse of children and the elderly.

Criminal DA Ricardo Rodriguez Jr.

Speaking on behalf of the Young Hearts Matter Teen Ambassadors, an International Baccalaureate program at Lamar Academy, Senior Mia Alejo addressed the issue as a national problem.

“Domestic violence is a national problem that knows no boundaries,” said Alejo. “It can happen to anyone in any community regardless of age, economic status, race, religion, or nationality.” 

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The impact of domestic violence is wide-ranging, directly affecting individuals and society as a whole, here in this community and throughout the United States and in the world.

Mujeres Unidas Executive Director Estella De Anda attributes community involvement to transforming the silent epidemic of domestic violence into a loud message victims can hear.

“It takes all of us here to address this issue,” said De Anda.  “Twenty-one years ago we formed a Task Force in order to address domestic violence in the community and in families so that they can be free of oppression and abuse in their homes.” 

Please join the Hidalgo County District Attorney’s Office, Hidalgo County Family Violence Task Force, and all Hidalgo County Law Enforcement Agencies on Today, Oct. 3, 2019, from 6 -9 p.m. for the 5th annual Purple Day, in partnership with the City of McAllen. The event will take place at the McAllen Convention Center with a candlelight vigil sponsored by Mujeres Unidas and an informational fair in the Convention Center Courtyard.

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