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Great American comeback: 2.5 million jobs in May!

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US President Donald Trump June 5, 2020. Photo credit: White House Twitter
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From the White House

Together, President Trump and American workers built the greatest economy on Earth. Now, as we safely reopen from Coronavirus, we are rebuilding stronger than ever!
“Experts” predicted that America would lose 7.5 million jobs last month. Instead, our country added2.5 million—10 million more than expected.
President Trump: We’re starting an incredible period of growth!
May’s 2.5 million jobs are the newest jobs ever recorded in a single month.
Across our country, America is coming back. Nearly three-quarters of U.S. small businesses are now open, up from the pandemic low of just 52 percent in April.
American workers helped slow the spread of Coronavirus by social distancing and following the guidelines of their local health officials. Many paid a price by losing their jobs to keep the rest of us safe. As we reopen America, they deserve this incredible news.
All told, last month our economy added:

  • 1.2 MILLION leisure & hospitality jobs
  • 464,000 construction jobs
  • 424,000 education & healthcare jobs
  • 368,000 retail jobs
  • 225,000 manufacturing jobs     

“We had the greatest economy in the history of the world. And that strength let us get through this horrible pandemic,” President Trump said.
“We’re going to be back there. I think we’re going to actually be back higher next year than ever before. And the only thing that can stop us is bad policy.”
WATCH A record-breaking job surge across American industries!
READEconomy trounces expectations by 10 million jobs

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