GPS Fleet Management System Helps You Realize Cost Savings and Increases Productivity

Joseph Smith
Joseph Smith

By Joseph Smith

Texas Border Business

If you have a commercial fleet, your system needs an overhaul. New federal regulations mean you have to replace paper-based log books with Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) by December 18, 2017.

This mandate is designed to make it “faster and easier to accurately track, manage and share records of duty status (RODS) data.” It applies to interstate operators, hazmat carriers, vehicles weighing 10,000+ lbs. and most fleets using RODS.

So, what does this mean for you and your business? If your fleet falls under any of the above categories, all your drivers must be on either an automatic onboard recording device (AOBRD) or an ELD final rule solution in only four months. If your company is not yet complying with this mandate, now is the time to think about the technology rollout plan that will keep your fleet up to speed.

The complex new electronic logging regulations mean changes in the way all of your employees do their job. The local RGV business team at Verizon has the resources to help you reach ELD mandate compliance with a defined, actionable employee rollout plan, whether you currently have a GPS fleet management system or not. We will help you transform this regulatory hurdle into an opportunity to improve the way your business runs.

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Beyond the necessity of meeting compliance mandates, use of a GPS fleet management system will help you realize cost savings and increases in productivity, safety, and revenue. How would increasing accuracy in IFTA reporting, invoicing, and trip planning help your bottom line? Productivity goes up when drivers can focus on the road instead of their log book. When managers can monitor driver data, behavior and downtime with ease, the transparency means accountability and safety.

What if you already have a GPS fleet management system and just need help with compliance? Verizon can help with a complete line of transportation vertical options, including the data and hardware needed to round out your strategy. To put it simply, Verizon can help you put the missing pieces of the ELD puzzle together.  We have the partners and resources to design customized ELD compliance solution for you with absolutely no upfront cost!

Below are some of the features in the ELD compliance bundle:

  • ELD-ready application with driver alerts, back-office alerts and summary reporting
  • Over-The-Air ELD regulation compliance updates to keep you up to speed
  • Map view vehicle tracking with satellite and weather overlays
  • Vehicle usage and maintenance reporting and dashboards
  • Real-time alerts about vehicle usage, onsite time, idling, speeding, safety, and more
  • Telematics hardware and installation, including cable if required
  • ELD-focused onboarding assistance
  • Driver and Admin web-based training

Many solutions from smaller companies rely on multiple vendors for services such as GPS tracking units, tablet data plans, and ELD software to piece together a solution for compliance. Verizon has a strong team of five business professionals that cover from Corpus to Brownsville to McAllen to Laredo. We can come to your office, shake your hand and have a real conversation.

Please contact (956) 635-9437 or email [email protected] for more information. We are proud to live and work in the Rio Grande Valley supporting your local business.