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Statistics in Schools brings school subjects to life using real-world Census Bureau data to create materials for use year after year at all grade levels.

How Much Do Your Students Know About The 2020 Census?

Statistics in Schools (SIS) just released a series of short and engaging videos to help teach students why they count in the 2020 Census. Each video provides an easy, grade-appropriate way to explain why census data is important and how counting everyone helps all communities. 

  • Choose from animated webisodes for young children, an interactive trivia challenge for students in grades 5-8, insights from aspirational high schoolers for their peers, and more. 
  • Pair these videos with one of our 2020 SIS activities to deepen student engagement.
  • Help promote the use of SIS by sharing our educator video, which features educator testimonies about the positive effects of SIS on their classrooms, schools, and communities.
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