Achievements of First Hispanic Mayor, First Woman Commissioner Recognized

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McAllen Mayor Jim Darling conducted this memorable ceremony, while former Mayor Leo Montalvo and former City Commissioner Phyllis Griggs were elated for this honorable recognition for their work and service to the City of McAllen. Photo shows the plaques, and one that reads who served in 1995 when the new City hall was built. 

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McAllen – Leo Montalvo, McAllen’s first Hispanic mayor, and Phyllis Griggs, McAllen’s first woman commissioner, now have plaques dedicated to their accomplishments put up at McAllen City Hall.

Montalvo was elected mayor of McAllen in 1997 with a victory over long-time Mayor Othal Brand. Montalvo, an attorney, went on to win re-election four years later and served a total of eight years as mayor (until 2005). Montalvo was elected as a McAllen city commissioner in 1983 and served in that capacity for 14 years before becoming mayor.

Griggs became the city’s first woman commissioner in 1987 when she was elected to that post. Griggs, a businesswoman, went on to serve until 2001. Griggs, along with Montalvo, played a major role in McAllen achieving All-America City status in 1996 and oversaw many major projects while in office. The metal plaques were mounted on the wall just inside the front entrance of City Hall. Montalvo and Griggs were both in office when the current McAllen City Hall was built in 1995.  TBB

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