What are the Future Transportation Needs of the RGV? TxDOT Seeks Public Input Via New Travel Survey

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TxDOT requests participation of individuals and businesses to determine transportation patterns and priorities for the RGV community.

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PHARR – The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is on the last phase of collecting travel surveys.  The surveys were mailed earlier this year and focus on discovering any trends in the transportation priorities of households, workplaces, and commercial vehicles.


Randomly selected households and business were sent a letter asking them to participate.  Participants log their travel over a 24 hour period.  Others will be interviewed at local businesses regarding their specific trips to and from local businesses.


Response from the public has been low.  The participation of the public is a key factor for a successful survey.  The information will be converted to statistical data and used only for study purposes. Everything remains confidential and people do not need to answer questions that they do not feel comfortable with.

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You may have received a letter in the mail from TxDOT that had a specific user number for your household or business.  The user number would be the way to access the survey online.

If you have discarded that information, but still wish to help our community by participating in the survey, please call 1-866-300-9759.