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Solida USA means Business Solutions and Opportunities

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If you are looking for your dream home or your future investment, please visit Solida’s website at: www.SolidaUSA.com
If you are looking for your dream home or your future investment, please visit Solida’s website at: www.SolidaUSA.com

A must read if you are looking for “your dream home or your future investment”

By Roberto Hugo Gonzalez

As originally published by Texas Borer Business newsprint Edition

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Economic cycles may present challenging situations. Unless you have a crystal ball that predicts the future of your business, then you should be doing well.

Solida USA, LLC (“Solida”) was created in 2010 to satisfy the need to better manage classified assets for financial institutions after the financial crisis. Solida specializes in assisting financial institutions and other companies in managing classified assets, including commercial and consumer loans, and real estate management and sales. Solida also handles collection of mortgage loans throughout the Texas border.

The idea to form Solida was based on a similar company owned by Solida’s parent company called Solida Mexico, which provides similar services in Mexico. Considering the same concept, Solida was created to help manage those classified assets for financial institutions and any other companies in need of these services.

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“Our Company is unique because it provides services for clients on both sides of the border,” said Jesus A. Zambrano, CEO at Solida USA, LLC.

Zambrano is a special individual with unique skills acquired by working in the banking and legal circles. He began his career in banking 14 years ago as a teller while attending college. He then moved to loan collections and soon became loan collections supervisor handling mortgage and commercial loans prior to attending law school.

Throughout law school and immediately after graduation, Zambrano handled matters for local banks. He handled anything from a small loan closing, to large multimillion-dollar transactions, foreclosures, evictions, bankruptcies, lender liability litigation, and other bank related matters.

Today, Solida is a major force in the market and Zambrano’s practical experience as a loan collector and practicing attorney give him the unique perspective to handle matters for the company. “We have a dedicated team of real estate sales specialists managing over 82 million in real estate assets alone,” Zambrano said. Solida’s real estate inventory includes residential lots, raw land, single-family residences, and commercial properties.

In 2012, Solida began handling loan collections for mortgage loans (including loan modifications and renewals) and managing all outside legal counsel and litigation matters for its clients.  “We take pride in the work we do and we have an experienced and motivated team that gets the job done with the upmost professionalism for our clients,” Zambrano stated.

Solida has a team comprised of 19 employees. Among the management team are: Osvaldo Araiza with 8 years of banking experience, including loan collections, credit and mortgage lending; Maggie Guajardo-Peña with 9 years of banking experience, including credit and other real estate management; Juan Chavez with 15 years of banking experience handling collection matters, and he is also a licensed realtor and manages all outside realtors for the company; Claudia Zapata with 15 years of banking experience with the parent company, and she brings institutionalized knowledge to assist in the company’s daily operations; Frank Davila with 8 years of banking experience and he handles commercial classified loans; and Yvette Yañez with 9 years of banking experience and she handles all marketing activities for the company.

Currently, Solida manages about 200 million in total assets for existing clients, which is more than the assets managed by some local full-service banks. The company continues to strengthen its internal controls in order to have an optimal operation for future expansion.

Solida is a local entity that deals exclusively in banking, loan collections, and realty services with plans to grow.

Zambrano stated that the business presents daily challenges. “There are legal, tax, and regulatory implications that affect the nature of our business daily,” he said. However, Zambrano also stated that it is always gratifying to know they work hard daily in order to come up with results that have a positive impact on their clients’ financial performance.

Solida also assists client’s customers who are often challenged and struggling to make ends meet or make their businesses work. The real solution for Solida is finding the balance to make a loan work and reduce the number of classified non-performing assets. “It is also extremely gratifying to dispose of real properties and to meet budget goals in order to provide good results for its clients,” Zambrano said to Texas Border Business.

Solida’s interaction with its parent company, clients, regulatory agencies, external auditors and third-party vendors make the business unique.  “Our employees are always trying to improve and stay up to date with company policies, procedures, and regulatory changes that may affect the financial performance of our clients’ business.” Zambrano stated.

Finally, it is also important to recognize that Solida has established a tradition of giving back to the community. Solida contributes to the Make A Wish Foundation and adopts a family for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.  Solida employees are also members of the National Hispanic Professional Organization (NHPO) and have also contributed to their Annual Christmas Toy Drive.  Solida employees have also participated in events for the United Way.

If you are looking for your dream home or your future investment, please visit Solida’s website at: www.SolidaUSA.com and check out their Ad on page 11 or call (956) 664-8480 for more information. TBB

Written by: – Roberto Hugo Gonzalez the 2009 SBA Journalist of the Year Award Winner & The 2009 and 2012 Paul Harris Award recipient –

All rights reserved.

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