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Friday, May 24, 2024
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The Visionary Journey of Attorney Jesse Zambrano and the Legal Eagles Pipeline Program

Elevating Legal Aspirations

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By Roberto Hugo González

Originating from a background of noble heritage and a family characterized by their hardworking nature, yet constrained by financial hardship, he was driven by a profound aspiration to excel in law. Despite the challenges attorney Jesse Zambrano posed by his modest upbringing, he relentlessly pursued his ambition to become a successful lawyer. Upon realizing his dream, he is now focused on nurturing the next generation of legal professionals in the Rio Grande Valley.

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With this goal in mind, he mentored, encouraged, and supported others to become lawyers. Currently, several practicing attorneys began their journeys from motivational talks with Jesse Zambrano, including attorney Edgar Garcia, who graduated from St. Mary’s University School of Law in 2017 and has worked at Zambrano Law Firm since then.

Pictured above, center Jesse Zambrano, who graduated from The University of Texas School of Law in 2005, flanked by Edgar E. Garcia, Jr., who graduated from St. Mary’s University School of Law in 2017, and Attorney Alexandra Habbouche-Huerta graduated from The University of Wisconsin-Madison Law School, 2014.

But Zambrano’s vision didn’t stop there, as a member of the PSJA School Board, he pioneered an exceptional program tailored specifically for students interested in pursuing careers in law. This program was designed to expose high school students and connect them with attorneys, judges, and other legal professionals to inspire them to go to law school.

Launched in the fall of 2018, the PSJA Pre-Law Institute offered practical learning experiences and brought together numerous local attorneys and judges to contribute to their community by guiding and mentoring students throughout the school year. The institute allowed participants to observe actual court cases, engage in job shadowing, and secure internships with attorneys and judges. The initiative was intended to provide these opportunities with the goal of growing the program with each passing year. Furthermore, Zambrano always envisioned this initiative as part of a broader strategy to nurture students.

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About six years ago, Zambrano observed approximately 46 students participating in a job shadowing event at the courthouse. At that time, Zambrano said, “Essentially, we’re allowing students to interact with judges and attorneys at the Hidalgo County Courthouse. Students witnessed judges conducting court in real-life cases, and they observed attorneys and other legal professionals in order to understand their professional responsibilities.”

However, Zambrano wanted to offer more opportunities by connecting high school and college students with employers in the community. To that end, Zambrano established the Legal Eagles Pipeline Program, an initiative that supports students to pave the way to law school and beyond. Participants in the program work for the Zambrano Law Firm while they’re still in high school or college. The goal is for the participants to gain practical experience in the practice of law before setting foot on a law school campus.

The mission of the Legal Eagles Pipeline Program, as articulated by Zambrano himself, is twofold: 1) to ignite a passion for the legal profession within young minds, and 2) to mold those minds into the next generation of legal pioneers. “Our mission,” Zambrano emphasizes, “is not just to educate, but to inspire and facilitate a journey of professional and personal growth for each participant.” This reflects a deep commitment to imparting knowledge and fostering a supportive environment where students and young professionals can thrive.

At its core, the program is structured to provide a comprehensive, immersive experience. “We’ve designed the Legal Eagles Pipeline Program to be as hands-on as possible,” Zambrano shares. This approach includes working on real cases with real clients and other professionals in the field. The program participants work with attorneys and seasoned legal professionals to better understand the practice of law.

Erick Franco, Texas Southern University – Thurgood Marshall School of Law, 2025

“I attended PSJA T-STEM Early College High School and the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. My internship and working experience at Zambrano Law Firm has been invaluable. It has equipped me with key legal skills and allowed me to contribute to the PSJA community. This experience has not only prepared me for law school, but also inspired me to aspire to return as a licensed attorney. I’m deeply thankful for the mentorship and opportunities provided by everyone at the Zambrano Law Firm.”

Erick Franco, Texas Southern University – Thurgood Marshall School of Law, 2025

Jeremy Segura, Texas Tech University School of Law, 2025.

“As a first-generation college and law student, I faced the steep learning curve of real-world legal practice during my summer clerkship at Zambrano Law Firm. Working closely with attorneys Jesse Zambrano and Edgar Garcia transformed my theoretical knowledge into practical skills, offering a hands-on approach rather than mere observation. This experience was invaluable and deeply enriched my legal education. I’m currently a 2L at Texas Tech University School of Law and a proud PSJA T-STEM Early College High School alum.”

Jeremy Segura, Texas Tech University School of Law, 2025.

“My internship at Zambrano Law Firm in the summer of 2022 was transformative, immersing me in the legal profession with the support of remarkable attorneys. This experience significantly shaped my understanding of law and guided my return as a full-time employee after completing my political science degree at Texas A&M University. I am deeply grateful for the mentorship and opportunities provided by Zambrano Law Firm.”

Anna Silva, St. Mary’s University School of Law, 2027

“My two summers as an intern at Zambrano Law Firm were transformative, presenting challenges from assignments to grasping legal concepts. Yet, the unwavering support from everyone turned these hurdles into valuable learning experiences. I’ve gained a profound understanding of the legal system and found a support system among my coworkers, inspiring me to advocate for our clients. As I aim to attend law school to realize my dream of becoming an attorney, I’m deeply thankful for everything I’ve learned working at Zambrano Law Firm.”

Jose Alvarez, The University of Chicago, 2028

Zambrano stresses the importance of practical experience, saying, “It’s one thing to learn about the law from textbooks, but it’s another to see it in action. That’s where true learning happens.” This philosophy reinforces the program’s emphasis on shadowing professionals and engaging in internships, providing students with invaluable insights and experiences that textbooks alone cannot offer.

The Legal Eagles Pipeline Program’s impact is already evident, with Zambrano Law Firm employees progressing to notable law schools and beginning promising careers in law. Zambrano takes pride in this, stating, “every time one of our employees gets accepted into law school, it makes me so proud, and it is the greatest validation of the work we are doing, and the opportunities Zambrano Law Firm is providing for these young and bright individuals.”

Looking ahead, Zambrano envisions many law school graduates working together to pursue justice and excellence representing their respective clients. This will ensure that the Legal Eagles Pipeline Program has a wider reach beyond Zambrano Law Firm. “Our dream is to create a network of law school graduates, all working to make a difference in their communities and the legal profession at large,” Zambrano says.

“Edgar Garcia was the first one going to St. Mary’s. Now, Jeremy Segura is at Texas Tech, and Erick Franco is at TSU.” Proudly states Zambrano. “But there’s more, we currently have five employees leaving for law school this summer. That is incredible,” Zambrano continues. And the program is just getting started.   

This ambition reflects a commitment to scaling the program’s success and ensuring that more students have access to the opportunities and support needed to succeed in the legal profession. “I didn’t have these opportunities when I applied to law school, and I was at a disadvantage,” Zambrano said. “I want to support, mentor, and guide these students to make it easier when they go to law school.” 

With the foundational belief that diversity and excellence are not just interconnected, but mutually reinforcing, the Legal Eagles Pipeline Program, initiated by Zambrano Law Firm, embarks on a mission to cultivate a richly diverse group of future legal scholars. “Diversity enriches our perspectives, and excellence propels us forward,” asserts attorney Zambrano. This philosophy is at the heart of the program, designed to equip aspiring lawyers with the practical experiences and academic grounding necessary to navigate the complexities of legal education and professional practice effectively.

The program’s participants enjoy the rare privilege of working closely with experienced attorneys on significant pre-litigation and litigation matters. This approach solidifies their theoretical knowledge and sharpens their practical skills, ensuring they are well-prepared for the rigors of law school and the demands of the legal profession. “We provide a bridge from academic learning to practical application, a critical pathway for anyone aspiring to excel in law,” Zambrano highlights.

Furthermore, by improving their law school application credentials, the program significantly enhances its participants’ prospects of gaining admission into prestigious legal institutions. “Our aim,” Zambrano notes, “is to give our students a competitive edge, ensuring they stand out in a crowded and competitive field.”

The Legal Eagles

Karyme Pulido

The University of Texas School of Law, 2027

Juan R. Zambrano, Jr.

The University of Oklahoma College of Law, 2027

Alexa Ruiz

St. Mary’s University School of Law, 2027

Melanie Macias

Texas Southern University School of Law, 2027

Layla Estrada

The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, 2024

Martin Gamboa

The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, 2024

Genesis Zambrano

The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, 2024

The Legal Eagles Pipeline Program is evidence of Zambrano Law Firm’s commitment to fostering determination, resilience, and success among aspiring law school students. It is a critical incubator for nurturing the next generation of legal professionals, offering high school and college students a supportive and enriching environment. The program represents a crucial foundation for aspiring attorneys through its far-reaching support system, real-world learning opportunities, and commitment to cultivating diversity and pursuing excellence. “Our program is more than just a training ground; it’s a launchpad for the next generation of legal professionals committed to making a difference. And together,” concludes Zambrano, “we are shaping a brighter, more far-reaching future for the legal profession, one where every aspiring attorney can ascend to new heights. I am doing this for our students here in the valley. To help them get to law school and beyond.

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