Rep. Cuellar’s Fix NICS Act Reported to be a Success

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Justice Department says bipartisan legislation reduced number of illegal gun purchases

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Congressman Henry Cuellar

Washington, D.C.- Congressman Henry Cuellar (TX-28) issued the following statement on the Justice Department’s Fix NICS Act reported impact. Their study shows the bipartisan legislation, introduced by Congressman Cuellar and Senator John Cornyn (R-TX), which passed in March 2018, has reduced the number of firearm purchases by unlawful individuals.

”Following the tragic shooting in Sutherland Springs, I was determined to work towards strengthening our existing gun laws and reducing the number of firearms purchased without a proper background check,” Congressman Cuellar said. “In the year the Fix NICS Act has been in effect, NICS records have strengthened and Firearm Retrieval Referrals have declined, effectively diminishing the number of dangerous individuals who will harm themselves and others. This law proves that bipartisan, common-sense legislation can produce effective results and save American lives. I will continue to working across party lines to create real change for the American people. I want to thank Senator Cornyn for his leadership on this issue.”

FIX NICS Act of 2017

Congressman Cuellar introduced H.R. 4434 as part of the Fix NICS Act of 2017 to close loopholes in information sharing between agencies. NICS is a computerized system designed to help determine if a person is disqualified from possessing or receiving firearms by conducting a search of available relevant records.

The bill requires the Department of Justice to establish a state implementation plan for federal agencies to certify that they provided records of disqualifying persons to the NICS database. Additionally, it provides grant funding to states and agencies to assist with the procurement and checking of records to improve the NICS database to quickly assess an individual’s background before they purchase a firearm.

According to the Justice Department, since the law was enacted, the NICS database has been significantly improved. The percentage of NICS checks that received an immediate determination increased in the months analyzed. Also, the number of Firearm Retrieval Referrals, where an unlawful person is able to purchase a firearm because the check could not be completed in three business days, has declined.

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To see the Department of Justice’s First-Ever Semiannual Report on the Fix NICS Act, click here.

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