International Produce Terminal Operator Positioned as the Best in South Texas

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As originally published by Texas Border Business newsprint edition November 2017

Abasto Corporation was created in 1991 to develop, sell and lease Produce Terminal warehouse space in the State of Texas. Abasto Corporation is one of the leading developers of Produce Terminal Markets with over 25 years’ experience.

The company has developed a total 860,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space constructed in McAllen, Texas alone. Abasto offers refrigerated and non-refrigerated warehouses for lease and sale in a variety of sizes such as 1,400; 2,800; 4,000; 5,000; and 10,000 sq.ft. to accommodate clients’ needs.

The company has sold more than 160 warehouse spaces and continues to own and operate an estimated 120 units for leasing. Among the services unique to the company, they provide refrigeration and maintenance services to all of its tenants. According to its president, Elio Botello, his clientele mainly come from Mexico, United States, and Canada.

Abasto also developed Tanya Industrial Park, which consists of 12 lots of 1 acre each, and has currently sold 50% of the inventory. Abasto continues to own 70 acres in very desirable and prime locations of McAllen for future retail and warehouse related developments.

Abasto Corporation is a company known for its commitment to providing the most innovative warehousing solutions and cold storage for wholesale merchants specializing mainly in fresh produce. “Our goal is to create a unified and convenient location for all produce wholesalers and provide them with the resources to sell their product as efficiently as possible,” Mr. Elio Botello stated.

Abasto Corporation heads the operations of three Condominium Owners’ Associations: The McAllen Produce Terminal Market, Extension 23rd Produce Terminal, and The Warehouse Kingdom. These three associations collectively represent a total of almost 300 warehouses (with and without refrigeration) occupying 860,000 sq. ft. of construction area, from where roughly 200 businesses conduct their operations, and employ an estimated 1,000 employees.

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The most recent development that Abasto Properties, LLC planned and developed is The San Antonio Wholesale Produce Market. This is a state-of-the-art distribution center specializing in fruits and vegetables. This development sits on a tract of 80 acres located on Loop 410 in southeast San Antonio, Texas (9342 SE Loop 410).

This first phase consists of 60 refrigerated warehouses, with 220,000 sq. feet. of construction. The San Antonio Wholesale Produce Market started operation in 2016.

The latest developments by Abasto Corporation include International Parkway Cold Storage and Wanda Cold Storage; both projects headquartered in McAllen Texas.

Company History, Milestones, and Development to Date

From 1983 to 1990, Abasto Mexico built a total of four wholesale Produce Terminal Markets in the cities of Cancun, Reynosa, Monterrey, and Veracruz. During this period, it was not only the leading developer of this industry, but also had an excellent reputation in the field, selling a total of 800 warehouse units from these projects.

Abasto Corporation (USA) was incorporated in the state of Texas in 1991. Since then, they have successfully designed, built and operated four successful warehouse projects: The McAllen Produce Terminal Market, Extension 23rd Produce Terminal, Botello Industrial Park, and The Warehouse Kingdom.

The McAllen Produce Terminal Market (MPTM) was developed in 1994.  This is the only warehouse project in the southern border of the U.S., consisting of 210 warehouse units and 452,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space. This development is located at 2501 S. Military Highway on the Corner of South 23rd Street and Military Highway, which became the most important warehouse area in the Rio Grande Valley. It is 3.5 miles from the Hidalgo International Bridge, with a direct connection to U.S. Highway 281.

Businesses based at the MPTM can take advantage of its border location, while still being in the U.S. There is a built-in exchange of information from growers, shippers and suppliers which make any international produce transaction possible. Multiple convenient services and amenities are available, including 24-hour on-site Security guard, Condominium ownership association, Public lighting, and Trash pick-up, among others.

Currently, there are over 110 businesses in operation in this development, 70% of which are in the produce business. The company currently owns 50 warehouses, half of which have integrated cold storage for produce use. The occupancy of this entire project has steadily climbed and sustained at 98% since 2006. Additional to the warehouses, this project offered lots for sale to restaurants, tire dealers, a hotel, and a gas station.

Later in 2003, an extension to the MPTM, with an additional 100,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space was built. This project included 12 warehouses of 8,100 sq. ft. each and it was sold out in the same year. The project became a success, with 100% occupancy rate since its opening. According to Mr. Botello, the success of this project inspired him to build the next project, The Warehouse Kingdom.

Finally, in October of 2008, Abasto Corporation launched The Warehouse Kingdom (TWK) a 306,000 sq. ft. multi­use, state-of-the-art warehouse project with the newest technology in design of warehouses. This project consists of 62 warehouse units of 5,000 sq. ft. each, occupies 45 acres of land, and is located across 23rd St. from the MPTM, with address 2101 W. Military Hwy.

In addition, this project also has improvements for future bank, hotel, two restaurants, and 140,000 sq. ft. of future warehouses. The warehouses offer additional advantages for operation such as: two rear elevated loading and unloading docks for trailers, two frontal doors for light loads and personnel/clients, a pedestrian covered dock of 10 ft. in width, car parking lot (with an average of 9 per warehouse and including 4 exclusively in front for each warehouse). In addition, it has 24-hour security guard at the entrance. Since the completion of construction and despite the economic downturn, this development has progressively gained a steady income flow and reached 98% occupancy.

Experience in the field of design and construction of Wholesale Produce Markets as well as marketing and sales/leases gives Abasto Properties LLC an edge over its competitors in this industry. Based on their experience and success in launching and operating multiple developments in cold storage units and produce warehouses, makes them the experts in the field.

McAllen Produce Terminal Market

  • Spaces from 1,400 Sq. ft. to 4,200 Sq. ft.
  • Dry or with Cold Room
  • Includes Office Space
  • Security & Common Area Maintenance
  • Busiest Location in Town!

The Warehouse Kingdom

  • Spaces from 5,000 Sq. ft. to 10,000 Sq. ft.
  • Dry or with Cold Room
  • Covered Front Dock with 2 Doors to Supply Vehicles
  • 2 Dock-High Doors at the Back for Trucks
  • Includes Office Space
  • Plenty of Reserved & Temporary Parking for Trucks & Vehicles
  • Security & Video Surveillance

International Parkway Cold Storage

  • Spaces from 10,000 Sq. ft. to 20,000 Sq. ft.
  • Multiple Cold Rooms for Different Temperatures
  • Multiple Loading Docks
  • Brand New Cooler Equipment
  • With Shipping & Administration Office Spaces

Wanda Avenue Cold Storage

  • Spaces from 11,000 Sq. ft. to 50,000 Sq. ft.
  • Multiple Cold Rooms for Different Temperatures
  • Multiple Loading Docks
  • Brand New Cooler Equipment
  • With Shipping & Administration Office Spaces

Abasto Properties LLC can be contacted at (956) 534-7907 for warehouses in McAllen and San Antonio; it has offices located at 2501 W. Military Hwy. in McAllen, Texas 78503.


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