Illegal Alien Apprehension Numbers Continue to Rise in RGV Sector

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Granjeno under the bridge near Mission Texas Photo #5

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EDINBURG, Texas – U.S. Border Patrol agents in the Rio Grande Valley (RGV), already stretched thin with illegal alien apprehensions, continue to detect and criminal aliens. 

Over the weekend, Border Patrol agents encountered three separate groups of over 100 illegal aliens consisting primarily of family units and unaccompanied children. The continuous flow of illegal aliens traversing through the region totaled over 5,000 apprehensions for the Rio Grande Valley Sector in just three days. 

While dealing with the large volume of illegal aliens, agents continue to identify gang members and criminal aliens attempting to enter illegally through the RGV. 

The Sector is currently holding more than 8,000 subjects in custody, far exceeding the capacity of 3,363. 

On Saturday, McAllen agents apprehended a group of illegal aliens south of Granjeno, Texas. During processing, record checks on one of the illegal aliens travelling with his four year-old son revealed a previous arrest and conviction for sexual battery in Oakland, California. 

Additionally, agents identified an MS-13 and an 18th Street gang member with extensive criminal histories in separate incidents. 

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For the month of May, the RGV Sector apprehended 49,855 illegal aliens.

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