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“I turned my back on God, but God never left my side” –Bonnie Hernandez

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Bonnie Hernandez. Image from Facebook @bonnie.hernandez.501

Texas Border Business

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When Bonnie Hernandez read the article posted by Texas Border Business about Annette Franz, her reaction was to honor Annette by writing and describing her feelings. Annette impacted Bonnie’s life during turbulent times. At a time when you no longer find a way out. At a time when you feel that everyone has turned their backs, including God. We must not forget that God manifests himself through man. This time, Annette’s turn was to serve and help someone who seemed like a ship adrift.

Read below:

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I turned my back on God, but God never left my side.

Years ago, my sons and I met beautiful, inspiring, empowering, extraordinary Annette Diaz Franz, and our world changed.

I was going through a tough time.

I had just gotten divorced and survived domestic, violent abuse, and I lost my job of 18 years.

I had just lost my car and was sinking fast.

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Then I met Annette.

My parents had to lend me one of their vehicles, and she called me and wanted me to help promote some beautiful Mochilla bags that, in turn, helped mothers and their children survive in another beautiful country.

The day I met her, I was blown away by her beautiful heart

When she spoke, it did something to me.

It made me remember that I could start over, which was not my situation. It gave me hope that I could rebuild.

Before we left, she whispered something to my sons, and then they came up to me and said this is for you from us. It was one of those beautiful Mochilla bags. Those bags are so unique and handmade by women and their daughters. They come from a country considered very poor yet rich in love.

Annette would go out of her way to visit them and help them and educate them. She was helping rebuild their lives.

I didn’t want to take the bag because I didn’t feel worthy, and with tears in my eyes, she hugged me and said God loves you so much and your very best days are coming.

After meeting her, God begins to work in my life.

I was so embarrassed about living and being abused that I turned my back on God, but God never left my side.

Why do I tell you the story?

Because you must know Annette was a part of me not giving up.

She has accomplished so many things, and there was a point when the Mcallen chamber wanted this better-than-amazing woman to resign, but God Almighty had other plans.

God’s plans are always better than our plans.

In that moment of her life when things seemed to have been going wrong, she and her husband used the most powerful weapon God has given us, prayer.

They fell to their knees, and they prayed.

That’s when God turned it all around.

I hope one day you get to meet Annette. Your life will be changed for the better because you will realize that God’s plans are always better than ours and that your life has a purpose.

That’s who Annette is. She breathes life into those around her and everything she touches.

I would love for you to take the time to read this article.

She’s truly a beautiful soul.

She always makes sure that everyone is honored.

Well, today, I want to honor her.

I want to tell the world that God has blessed us with an extraordinary woman like Annette, who is a gift to our world.

My sons and I love you, Annette, and you hold a very special place in our hearts.

I will never forget how you loved my children and me on a day when I was so broken.


Bonnie Hernandez

“I would rather stand with God & be judged by the world, than stand with the world & be judged by God!”


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