Homeless Veteran Steak Night: Millennials giving back to our forgotten heroes

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Houston, TEXAS — For Veterans Day 2019, the Houston Millennials (HM) organization will be giving back to our forgotten heroes by organizing the “Homeless Veteran Steak Night & Donation Drive”. HM Community Outreach Committee Chairman Ronald Castro is a veteran, teacher, and servant leader, that will lead the barbeque of hundreds of steaks to fill our hero’s tummies and keep them warm during this cold but celebratory season.

Fifty (50) millennial volunteers will help prepare, serve, organize and cook mashed potatoes, side dishes, and of course, steaks for our veterans that have served our wonderful democracy. HM is also requesting the community to drop off toiletries and warm clothes during the event, with thousands of millennials signing up to give back.

·       WHO: Houston Millennials (HM)

·       WHAT: HM Homeless Veteran Steak Night & Donation Drive

·       WHEN: Veterans Day 2019Monday, November 11, 2019

·       WHERE: Loaves & Fishes – 2009 Congress, 77002

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·       TIME: 6pm-9pm

·       EVENTBRITE EVENT PAGE: www.VetSteakNight.Eventbrite.com

REQUEST: During so much negative news, we are requesting your organization to highlight the spirit of giving back.

DONATION DRIVE: We are requesting the following items to be dropped off during the event: Socks, Shoes, Blankets, New under clothing, T-shirt’s, Pants, Tents, Duffel bags, Hygiene gear, Haircuts, Panchos, Umbrellas, Backpacks, Bus passes, Good gift certificates.

ABOUT US: Houston Millennials is a Nationally Awarded Organization Promoting Millennial Advancement in the Private, Private, and Non-Profit Sectors. Please see www.HoustonMillennials.com for more information.

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