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The Hoax of Man-made Global Warming

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“Political and Media Leaders Have Perpetrated a Convenient Lie,” –Dr. Lawrence Gelman, Producer

By Roberto Hugo Gonzalez

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As originally published by Texas Border Business newsprint edition June 2017

A local anesthesiologist produced an explosive documentary that he claims is debunking the theory of man-made global warming and calling it a hoax. As a producer and eager to tell the truth, he invited the Rio Grande Valley community to the premiere presentation of his documentary.  The invitation, at the Hollywood Cinemark facility, to see this film brought more people than the theater could handle, many were turned away with a promise that if the movie were projected again, people would able to see it.

Dr. Lawrence Gelman told Texas Border Business that he wrote and produced the documentary that talks about the issue of man-made global warming. “We don’t believe that is occurring,” he stated. “Climate change and temperature have been going on forever, but it’s nothing to do with what man is doing.” He continued, “We believe that it’s being used by government and others for their agenda.”

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You mean the current administration? “Well, we’ll see. They talk, but we’ll see what they do,” he said.

Dr. Gelman stated that it is an absurdity to measure the world’s temperature using thermometers. “I mean, on the face of it is ridiculous,” he stated.

He pointed out that the earth is vast and thermometers are an archaic way of doing things, adding that the arguments on the table are weak.

As an example, Dr. Gelman said, “They don’t even know how the greenhouse gas effect works.” He also noted and labeled it as nonsensical is the melting of the polar ice caps. The greenhouse effect and the melting are two issues that this documentary explains helping to understand.

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His concern is that there are many inconsistencies and inaccuracies. “They haven’t produced any scientific models that prove what they’re saying.” He said, “They also haven’t proven that anything that by using solar energy or wind power will have any effect whatsoever.”  He points out that subsidize these solar and wind power cost billions of dollars and the energy cost goes way up. “So, it just gives more power to the government and takes away power from the people,” he stated.

Gelman’s documentary states that for over a decade the public has been bombarded with dire warnings that a man-made crisis of global warming is upon us. He says that the government has implemented programs to replace the energy obtained through the combustion of fossil fuels with green energy sources such as windmills and solar powers and enacted legislation requiring a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.

Gelman’s goal is to demonstrate through this documentary that the alarm about man-made global warming is without merit and that the entire basis of this assertions is a fabrication.

Pete Pranis one of the lucky ones to see the documentary told Texas Border Business, “I think it was excellent. In the sense that it laid out the proportions of how much CO2 is versus particularly water and the underlying connections as far as the molecular movement.” Pranis continued, “I suggested to Dr. Gelman that it needs to go into the classrooms as a textbook for middle and high school students.”

Gelman has worked on this project for a long time, and before this new film, he had created a DVD which was passed around. This new documentary has about nine months of his work, written and professionally produced to convey a clear message about global warming.

Rabbi Asher Hecht also saw the documentary and said, “I don’t believe in man-made global warming from a religious perspective.” He continued, “Dr. Gelman is presenting it from a scientific viewpoint, which I think is important for those that do think it’s going to happen. This video’s vital, this way there’s a conversation, dialogue and people will be able to weigh the two sides.”

Dr. Gelman says that this documentary debunks the reasons given by environmentalist, lobbyists and the government to promote this falsehood. “The documentary examines why academic; political and media leaders have perpetrated a convenient lie – The hoax of man-made global warming.” TBB

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