McAllen City officials inaugurated Escandon Skate Park on Uvalde and 29th. St.
McAllen City officials inaugurated Escandon Skate Park on Uvalde and 29th. St.

Feature element to fulfill neighborhood request

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Almost the entire project was completed by McAllen Parks & Recreation Staff, including the design and construction work of earthwork, landscaping, irrigation, electrical, site lighting and fencing.  Pre-cast ramps were provided by American Ramp Company and the concrete foundations for the ramps and concrete slabs to connect the ramps were provided by Artillery Construction.

Some of the project includes recycled material including the site light from the Texas Department of Transportation Expressway project and using palm trees relocated from the Convention Center’s new Ware Road sign project.

“I am so proud to be able to bring this project to my district, especially, since this is something the residents have been asking for,” said Mayor Pro Tempore Aida Ramirez, in whose district the project lies.  “I am looking forward to seeing it utilized by the kids in the neighborhoods, for some gnarly skates.”

The total budget for the project was $123,000, which included a Community Development Block Grant for $110,756 and funding from the City of McAllen Capital Improvements Projects of $12,244.  The final project cost came in at $122,528.79.

Earlier at today’s Escandon Skate Park Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony, McAllen City Manager Roel “Roy” Rodriguez, P.E. relived his younger years and showed off his skills on the skateboard.

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City official said that thanks to work done by the City of McAllen Parks & Recreation Department and various other departments, this dream because a reality for the residents of District 4.

Also, they recognized the important funding from the Community Development Block Grant, Capital Improvement Project and partnerships with Texas Department of Transportation for providing site lighting and palm trees and the McAllen I.S.D. for providing sod for the project, costs were kept minimal.