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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Dr. Esmeralda Adame Leads Nonprofit in Major Blanket Drive

Persistence in Adversity

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Dr. Esmeralda Adame, a compassionate leader, stands proudly at the center of this photo, surrounded by the enthusiastic team from McAllen Coca-Cola Company. Together, they represent the spirit of community generosity, having joined forces in the Persistence and Adversity Foundation’s significant blanket drive to warm the lives of the less fortunate in South Texas. Courtesy image
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By Roberto Hugo González

At the center of community service and leadership, the Persistence and Adversity Foundation stands out, led by its dedicated Executive Director, Dr. Esmeralda Adame. Founded in 2020, this 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization has embarked on a mission to spread warmth and uplift communities through various initiatives, including mentoring, investing in communities, leadership programs, time management, and goal setting.

Dr. Adame, who also plays a crucial role in promoting female Hispanic participation in STEM fields, is now spearheading the foundation’s fourth annual blanket drive. This initiative, which has previously collected and distributed over 5,000 blankets to various organizations and communities in need, reflects the foundation’s commitment to tangible acts of kindness and support.

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This year, the foundation has set an ambitious goal to collect 1,000 blankets. These blankets, toothbrushes, and other essentials will be distributed to multiple beneficiaries, including the Housing Authority in the Pharr and San Juan area, various children’s advocacy centers, and the Mission Veterans Post. The drive, beginning on December 1st and continuing until December 30th, represents a critical community engagement and generosity period.

Dr. Adame emphasizes the importance of new donations, a policy adopted during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure safety and hygiene. To facilitate this large-scale collection, the foundation has established several drop-off locations, partnering with local businesses and organizations such as: 

Collection hubs: 

1. The Greater Mission Chamber of Commerce

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2. Taqueria Oviedo

3 Mission Hospital

4 McAllen EDC

5 Valley Plastics & Recycling 

6 CL Scales

7 Pharr EDC

8 SAMES engineering 

9 Mission EDC

This collaborative effort extends beyond the collection, with Dr. Adame and her board members actively participating in delivering these items. The foundation’s network and community engagement have been instrumental in achieving its goals each year, with a steady increase in collected items showcasing the community’s growing support and the foundation’s expanding impact.

In an inspiring display of community spirit, local businesses, including the McAllen Coca-Cola office, have joined the cause, collecting blankets from employees and demonstrating the power of collective action.

For those looking to participate or contribute, Dr. Adame remains a reachable and central figure in this endeavor, welcoming donations and support to meet and hopefully exceed this year’s target. Her leadership and the foundation’s activities underscore the importance of community solidarity and the impact of combined efforts in addressing local needs.

As the Persistence and Adversity Foundation grows and reaches new milestones, it stands as a hope. It demonstrates the power of persistence in overcoming adversity, one blanket, a toothbrush, and a pair of socks at a time. For more information, visit https://www.persistenceinadversity.com/ or call 956-458-9279. 

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