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Alma Ortega Johnson and Team Win Membership Drive Competition

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Group photo- From left to right front row: Lee Jones, Saul Sanchez, Christi Cantu, Alma Ortega Johnson,  Charo Mann and Agustin Lozano. Back row: Pancho Guerra. Photo on the bottom right: Blanca Cardenas, VP of Memberships
Group photo- From left to right front row: Lee Jones, Saul Sanchez, Christi Cantu, Alma Ortega Johnson,
Charo Mann and Agustin Lozano. Back row: Pancho Guerra.
Photo on the bottom right: Blanca Cardenas, VP of Memberships

By Roberto Hugo Gonzalez

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As originally published by Texas Border Business newsprint Edition

The McAllen Chamber of Commerce once again celebrated its membership drive competition during February 27/28 and for the second time Alma Ortega Johnson’s team wins the number one place for securing the most new members.

Blanca Cardenas, the VP of Membership Services at McAllen Chamber of Commerce couldn’t be happier, her satisfaction was made aware when she wrote on her Facebook page the following, “Congratulations to the #1 Team that brought in the most members OVERALL during the Membership Event. She continued, “Team Wells Fargo Bank aka The Cheetahs…under the leadership of Alma Ortega Johnson brought in 58 new members during the 1 1/2 days and took the title as the #1 Team!!!! “THANK YOU ALL for all your support and hard work!!! We surpassed our goal thanks to everyone’s support…over 250 new members,” she wrote. The event

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Alma is the South Texas Area President for the Wells Fargo in South Texas and she is known to participate giving back to her community in a devoutly way.

The first time Alma won in the same competition was 4 years ago. “I participated in the membership drive that brought in 129, which set a record in the history of the event,” she told Texas Border Business in Exclusivity.

Four years ago, Alma was not even a member of the McAllen Chamber of Commerce nonetheless she and her team contributed by bringing in more members that any other team participating.

Now as a full fledge member and past Chairwoman of the Chamber, she was invited to participate.  “This time, I set a goal of 50 for my team, considering that usually the average memberships brought in by a team is 30,” she said.

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Half of the members comprising her team were board members, she also invited other business people make it a diverse team.

She acknowledged that all her team members are businesspeople; because of this she kept in touch with them via email, phone or Facebook. “Everybody responded very well. I shared with them the 28 reasons why to join the chamber and I set a minimum goal per individual

I am so glad to see their commitment and got engaged in the process,” she said.

She pointed out that the challenge of the membership drive was that all new sold memberships had to be paid on the day of the event or by closing time.

“We exceeded our goal of 50 achieving 58 in total, which was more than any other participating team.”

The Cheetahs’ team was comprised by Alma Ortega Johnson, Mayor Jim Darling, City Commissioner Veronica Vela Whitacre, Javier Provinzano, Citlali Rojas, Adrian Villarreal, Betty Ramirez, Carlos Melguizo, Celine Shulz, Charo Mann, Christi Cantu, Diana Cantu, Edna Garcia, Elsa Menchaca, Hilda DeShazo, Rosalie Wiesfeld, Serena Pandos, John Pandos, Matt Rusczak, Julissa Gallardo, Jessica and Larry Delgado, Kent Shepard, Susan Valverde, Saul Sanchez, Rick Guerra, Jesse De Leon, Rigo Villarreal, Lee Jones, Pancho Guerra, John Wright, Jenise Diaz, Elmo Lopez, Danella Hughes, Bill Martin, Monica Uribe and Bill Martin.

Alma told Texas Border Business that the top performers were Adrian Villarreal, Charo Mann, Jessica and Larry Delgado, and Rick Guerra.

Alma pointed out that Dora Brown also helped making phone calls to close deals.

“The team members with more contributions were Adrian Villarreal (6), Charo Mann (5), Jessica & Larry Delgado (3), Lee Jones (3), and Rick Guerra (3),’ she said.

In addition Alma said that her team was a very cohesive team. “I am very proud of each one of them, their efforts and participation showed commitment and engagement to this community.” She continued to say,  “That told me a lot of their leadership and how they do business and that is why they are very successful in their own industries,” she finalized. TBB

Written by Roberto Hugo Gonzalez the 2009 SBA Journalist of the Year Award Winner & The 2009 and 2012 Paul Harris Award recipient

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