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“A New Era of Nearshoring and Economic Growth” – Joaquin Spamer

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McAllen Nearshoring Industrial Park

By Roberto Hugo González

During a beautiful morning in December, a large group of people gathered at the corner of Idela and Ware Road, south of McAllen. The motive for the gathering was significant, Joaquin Spamer of CIL Capital, celebrated the groundbreaking ceremony of the McAllen Nearshoring Industrial Park, a hub for nearshoring and economic development and multimillion dollar investment. This event marked the beginning of a game-changing journey.

Spamer, President of CIL Group, and his wife Lucia welcomed distinguished attendees including McAllen’s Mayor Javier Villalobos and City Manager Roy Rodriguez, to name a few.

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L-R: Joaquin Spamer and McAllen Mayor Javier Villalobos.

McAllen Nearshoring Industrial Park symbolizes a new chapter in McAllen’s history. After years of planning and collaboration, it is finally ready and set to develop this land into a vibrant, productive industrial zone.

McAllen Nearshoring Industrial Park has a of total of 117 acres with lots from 3 to 30 acres, featuring a prime location, and easy access to main highways, U.S. Ports of Entry, and Heavy Industrial Zoning.

McAllen City Manager Roy Rodriguez shared his optimism and praised the efforts of all involved, especially Joaquin Spamer, for turning this long-awaited dream into reality. He highlighted the importance of this development not only as a standalone project but as a facilitator for further growth and prosperity in the region.

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L-R: Their son, Joaquin Spamer, Jr., Lucia and Joaquin Spamer, and their daughter, Marcela Spamer.

The McAllen Nearshoring Industrial Park is not just a property development; it’s a strategic initiative in the era of nearshoring. With its proximity to significant trade routes and borders, it stands as an encouragement of economic opportunity, promising job creation, and enhanced trade relations.

This project demonstrates what can be achieved through relentless effort and cooperative spirit. It’s a celebration of overcoming doubts and persisting in the face of challenges.

As they broke ground on this site, they look forward to its role in transforming McAllen into a key player in the global economic landscape and building a future of prosperity and opportunity for the region.

Mayor Villalobos took the stage and said, “This is a Beautiful Day for Our Region.” He expanded the sentiment to encompass the entire region, including Edinburg, Pharr, Brownsville, Mission, Roma, and also, Harlingen and Weslaco. His emphasis was clear, “The inauguration of the McAllen Nearshoring Industrial Park is a triumph not just for the city but for the entire region. This project transcends city boundaries, promising job opportunities and economic growth across the area.”

L-R: Joaquin and Lucia Spamer with Edinburg Mayor Ramiro Garza.

Mayor Villalobos extended heartfelt thanks to Joaquin Spamer for his relentless efforts in promoting the region globally, highlighting Spamer’s trips to China. “Spamer’s dedication to not just McAllen but the entire region was celebrated as a key factor in realizing the project that had long been a dream,” Villalobos stated.

Spamer then took the stage to articulate his vision. He described the groundbreaking of the McAllen Nearshoring Park as the beginning of a new chapter, one that signifies innovation, progress, and prosperity for the community. Spamer emphasized the concept of nearshoring, highlighting its strategic importance in bringing production and manufacturing closer to home. This approach is about more than relocation; it’s about fostering regional self-sufficiency, job creation, research, development, and promoting a more interconnected local economy.

L-R: Carlos Garcia, Despachos Aduaneros Garber, Joaquin and Lucia Spamer, and Dr. Ricardo Solis President of South Texas Collage.

Spamer extended his gratitude to the local authorities and community partners, acknowledging their crucial roles in making the industrial park a reality. “The project,” he noted, “is proof of the power of teamwork within the community.” He expressed special thanks to Mayor Javier Villalobos, City Manager Roy Rodriguez, and the city commissioners for their firm support, which has been essential for the growth of local businesses.

Spamer highlighted the importance of local businesses, calling them the backbone of the economy. The cycle of investing, growing, and reinvesting is seen as a win-win for both the city and the region.

Spamer, in a remarkable gesture of solidarity and vision, acknowledged the significant contributions of various industrial parks in the region, which he considers competition, but still emphasizing the collective strength and potential of the area.

L-R: Luis Bazan, Director of the Pharr International Bridge, Joaquin and Lucia Spamer, and Carlos Canales, Trancasa.

He highlighted the impressive capabilities of these parks, “Las Americas Industrial Park in Roma, McAllen Palms Business Park, McAllen South Industrial Park, and McAllen Nearshoring Industrial Park by CIL Capital in McAllen, Sharyland Business Park, and Industrial Park at Anzalduas in Mission, Majestic International Trade Port, Dekal Industrial Park in Pharr, Pharr Produce Park, Capote Business Park, Pharr Bridge Business Park, and Queenstown Park by CIL Capital in Pharr.” He continued, “The North Industrial Park in Edinburg, Mid Valley International Industrial Park in Weslaco, Harlingen Industrial Park in Harlingen, and Port of Brownsville Business Park in Brownsville.”

He said that collectively, these parks encompass over 1,900 acres, with the potential of constructing over 20 million square feet of industrial space.

L-R: Joaquin and Lucia Spamer with Victor Pérez President and CEO Pharr Economic Development. Also, Lilvette Santos and Juanita Cavazos both from Pharr EDC.

Spamer expressed confidence in the region’s future growth, noting that the supply side of the equation has been adequately addressed with numerous new projects underway. “The challenge now lies in amplifying demand,” he stated.

Spamer called for unity and collaboration, urging the region’s leaders and stakeholders to become ambassadors for South Texas. By highlighting the strategic location and talented workforce of the Rio Grande Valley, the region can attract more investments and partnerships. He believes that this collective promotion is crucial for ensuring sustained growth and prosperity.

Echoing Governor Abbott’s sentiment, Spamer emphasized the importance of the Rio Grande Valley speaking as “One Region, One Voice”. “This unity is essential for the world to recognize the region’s offerings and potential,” he said.

“Joaquin Spamer and Lucia, United in Vision: Groundbreaking Moment at McAllen Nearshoring Industrial Park” – Joaquin Spamer, alongside his wife Lucia, proudly holds a shovel at the groundbreaking ceremony, marking the start of the McAllen Nearshoring Industrial Park, a symbol of nearshoring innovation and multimillion-dollar economic development.

In the final phase of the inauguration, Spamer, the driving force behind the McAllen Nearshoring Campus Industrial Park, re-emphasized the crucial need to increase demand for the region’s offerings. He urged the community to embrace their role as ambassadors of South Texas, highlighting the region’s strategic importance in the North American supply chain.

Spamer stressed the significance of showcasing the region’s strengths, including its strategic location and skilled workforce thanks to institutions like South Texas College and UTRGV. This collective promotion, he argued, is vital for attracting investments and partnerships, ensuring sustained growth and prosperity.

L-R: Jose Concepcion Garza, FYASA, Alberto Pedraza, El Dorado Growers, Lucia and Joaquin Spamer, Hans Humphrey, Antonio Zorilla, Jose Fernando Perez, both Transportation Directors.

As the McAllen Nearshoring Industrial Park breaks ground, Spamer urged everyone to remember the importance of building bridges — both literal and metaphorical — that connect South Texas to the global economy.

“The time has come for the region to step out and showcase its capabilities and advantages on a global stage,” Joaquin Spamer finalized.

L-R: Daniel Silva, RGV Partnership, Lucia and Joaquin Spamer; and Naomi Perales, RGV Partnership Chair.

Written by Roberto Hugo González, The 2009 SBA Journalist of the Year Award winner & the 2009 and 2012 Paul Harris Award recipient.

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