Work Safe Plan Certificates Issued

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Edinburg, TEXAS – The City of Edinburg has received over 500 Work Safe Plans as the deadline nears for businesses to submit plans. Any business not in compliance will have to close its doors. 

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 “Businesses have 48 hours from the time they opened Wednesday morning to submit those plans,” said Mayor Richard Molina. “If they still haven’t submitted a plan, they must do that in order to continue to operate. We don’t want to shut any business down, so we have staff available to help with those plans, we have a template they can use, and we want to work with business owners to make sure they are all in compliance. This is about the public health of our community. It must be done.” 

Businesses with approved plans are issued a Work Safe Business certificate. The City began issuing those certificates on Thursday. 

 While the Disaster Order is in effect, businesses are required to display the Work Safe certificate to be visible from the outside. 

“Residents can look for the Work Safe Certificates on business doors and windows.” City Manager Ron Garza said. “When you see the certificate posted, you know that business is following all requirements to keep their customers and employees safe.” 

Business owners needing help or guidance can call Code Enforcement at 956.388.1838. The City also has a plan template available online at

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City leaders remind the public, only leave home for essential activities such as work,  grocery shopping or medical care. Always maintain safe hygiene. Maintain a distance of 6 feet from others. Avoid large gatherings of more than 10 people. Be sure to call your doctor if you experience any symptoms.

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