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Jardin Corinthian is a venue located in Suite F 1516 E Expressway 83 Suite F Mission TX 78572. It has a capacity of 140 guests; it is an Interior Garden design. Since our other venues are too big, Jardin Corinthian was created to fit our customers better when they want a smaller venue.

It has a rustic garden vibe used for all types of parties (like Corinthian and Kalos) XV- Weddings- Graduations- Bridal Showers- Baby Showers- Birthday Parties- Baptisms- First Communions- and any type of special occasion.

Learn more: Corinthian and Kalos Event Centers Offer Unmatched Value and Quality

Call (956) 583-2773

Jardin Corinthian Event Center


1516 East Expy 83 Mission, TX 78572

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