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Last night, Tesla had a bit of a celebration for itself, unveiling its new Semi truck and (in a surprise) a second-generation Roadster. It was a typical Tesla event, full of twists, shocks, and plenty of smoke and mirrors. The soundtrack rocked, the starry-eyed fans lapped it up, and now you can watch the highlights in this supercut we made for you. You’re welcome.

The Semi was as foreboding and the Roadster was enticing. The fact that Musk paired the two together shows he hasn’t lost his flair as a showman, even with his company facing what’s probably its biggest challenge in its short existence.

Of course, the Model 3 loomed over it all. But it was easy to forget about all the snags and delays plaguing the production of Tesla’s first mass-market electric car, especially with Musk dropping phrases like “zero to 60 in 1.9 seconds” and “620-mile range.” These are just concept vehicles, really, but it’s Tesla, and nothing is really ever as it seems.

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