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Student means business when it comes to achieving her goals

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Brenda Perez expects to earn her associate degree from TSC’s Business program this year, getting her a step closer to her goal of opening a hair salon.

Texas Border Business

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BROWNSVILLE, Texas – With a cosmetology license in hand and a dream as big as an updo, Brenda Perez knew her next step would be crucial in fulfilling her goals, and Texas Southmost College has been by her side every step of the way.

The 20-year-old was only a senior in high school when she earned her certificate and license in cosmetology.

“I’m not sure where the passion comes from, but I love working with hair,” she said. “I’ve been this way for as long as I can remember. It’s just something about giving people confidence with a new style or haircut that makes me happy.”

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Perez could say that her passion for hair dressing came from a Nintendo DS game she owned when she was little.

“I had a hairstyling game I would play all of the time,” she reminisced. “I guess I could say Nintendo helped me realize early on what my career would be.”

But not only does Perez want to be a hairstylist, she wants to have her own salon. This is where TSC comes into play.

Perez is currently a student in TSC’s Business program. She expects to earn her associate degree in December.

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“TSC is getting me one step closer to achieving my dream of becoming a business owner,” said Perez. “My eyes have been opened to business processes and the functions of a successful business. All of it is important if I want my salon to succeed.”

She has even taken the initiative to gain hairstyling and business experience at a local salon in Brownsville.

“My instructors and advisers have taught me that it’s important to gain experience and practice my skills outside of the classroom,” she said. “So, I’m doing just that and I’m already learning so much.”

In addition to the training, she’s receiving in the classroom and on the job, Perez has also taken to heart what she is learning as a student leader.

Perez is an active member of the TSC Campus Activity Board and assists Student Life with organizing and hosting events for students on campus.

“In my first year alone, I put more than 60 hours into volunteering,” said Perez. “Creating a positive college experience for our student body is what it’s all about. I love ensuring that they not only study hard, but that they also have fun. In turn, I’ve also learned a lot.”

Perez said from communication and time management to organization and leadership, she has learned the important traits of a business owner.

“Before TSC I was very shy. I didn’t speak up much,” she said. “But now I feel like I’ve found my voice, my confidence and I’m ready to not only be a great hairstylist and business owner, but also a great manager that can lead others to success.”

For more information about TSC’s Business program, visit tsc.edu.

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