The way to become an Angel on Earth

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The Suarez’ Brothers, they have operated Koko’s Mexican Café for thirty years. During that time, they forged friendship with other restaurant owners and together are giving back to the community. 1000 food plates were given away on Sunday, April 19, 2020.

By Roberto Hugo Gonzalez

Texas Border Business

It was the middle of the day when I received a text from someone that supposedly was in retirement. Even the institution where she worked made a big celebration recognizing her as a unique individual, thanking her for her work and dedication. And she said to all, “hasta la vista!” I thought she meant it!

I read her text and realized she was born to help. It was Dora Brown in action telling me how she was participating with Albert and George Suarez of Koko’s restaurant.

This past April 19, 2020, they gave away 1000 food plates to residents of Hidalgo County. The set up for the giveaway was the Food Bank building in the City of Pharr. The Food Bank building is located on Cage and Expressway 83.

However, Albert and George Suarez and Dora Brown weren’t doing it alone. Darrel Myska from Lonestar Barbecue; Marty Lipscomb, Sweet Temptations; Clarissa Suarez, Marco’s Burgers; Steve Marino, Mama’s Pizzeria north 10th. St., and Gary Ancelin from the Blue Onion-McAllen. They joined forces to help the Valley’s community during extreme times of emergency.

None of us has a plan—or a roadmap—for the current environment created by COVID-19. Business models that worked flawlessly for years are suddenly struggling and failing as the world races to manage a virus it has never seen before.

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However, Albert, George, Dora, Clarissa, Marty, Darrel, Steve, and Gary, they see it differently. For them, it is an opportunity to give back and help their community. “We all have been blessed through the years,” Albert told Texas Border Business. “We all got together and decided to accomplish what our hearts are telling us to do.”

Dora pointed out that she contacted directors from the Salvation Army and Catholic Charities and asked them to spread the word to the homeless about the curbside service food giveaway on Sunday, April 19 at the Food Bank.

As the news traveled about the event, IBC Bank and Texas Regional Bank also pitched in. Both banks are givers, their sponsorship was to help defray the cost and were also there to provide curbside delivery service. Wow, this is awesome!

But it does not stop there, Sysco, the distributor of a full line of food products and a wide variety of non-food products to both independent and chain restaurant customers, donated all the utensils and bread. Pepsi is not staying behind; they pitched in all the drinks.

Albert Suarez said that he is Thankful and very appreciative of Sysco and Pepsi coming on board because whatever extras are left, and money donated will be given to the Food Bank.

According to Albert, all the participating restaurants have been patronizing among each other, and this time coming together for a great cause. Albert also said, “The event had a double purpose, to give back to our community, and also our employees get to work during hard times while our restaurants remain closed.”

So, if you wanted to know the way to become an Angel on earth, give back to your community, feed the hungry, and go home smiling.

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