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Rewritten by staff

We live in a time when everyone is glued to their screens. Our phones, once just useful tools, are now causing problems left and right. From accidents to just not paying attention to the world around us, it’s getting out of hand.

People spend so much time on their phones that we can’t even keep track anymore. But there’s still hope. Some artists are tackling this problem head-on. I have a lot of respect for filmmakers who use their skills to highlight what we’re losing because of our screen obsession.

One such film is “L’ALTRA PAR,” a short movie from Egypt. It’s just two minutes long but won the Best Short Film award at the Venice Film Festival. And guess what? The person who made the film is only 20 years old!

The movie shows the sad reality we live in: how we isolate ourselves because we’re always on our phones. We forget the joy of just being with people, hanging out, and connecting in person. It’s like we’re losing our ability to care about others and be empathetic, all because we’re too caught up in our digital worlds.

The film also points out a big irony. Technology lets us connect with people far away, but it also makes us ignore those who are right next to us. It’s like we’re stealing time from our own lives, all for the sake of a screen. So, let “L’ALTRA PAR” serve as a wakeup call. We should all be careful not to let our screen time take over our lives. Remember, there’s a whole real world out there, waiting for us to enjoy it. Let’s not forget about it.

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